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Hydraulic product range

We have a wide range of hydraulic lubricants that meet all types of needs

Its properties include resistance to wear, resistance to oxidation, protection against corrosion, good water separation, and excellent performance regardless of temperature variation, all of which make this one of the most advanced varieties of this type of product.

Telex E

Repsol Telex E

Specially designed for use in hydraulic circuits requiring lubricants with significant anti-wear properties.

Produced with carefully selected base oils that contain specific additives for enhanced properties.

Telex HLPD

Repsol Telex HVLP
This lubricant is a HLPD category product (DIN 51524) that is formulated using "ashless" additives. Due to its excellent dispersant qualities, it is recommended for systems working in a very harsh environment where it is difficult to drain off the water contained in the lubricant circuit.

Telex HVLP

Repsol Telex HVLP

The base oils used to manufacture this group of products have been carefully refined to obtain a high viscosity index and great resistance to oxidation.

Its constituent additives provide this lubricant with exceptional anti-wear properties and temperature performance.


Repsol Hydroflux EP

Top-quality lubricants for hydraulic circuits. These are manufactured with the highest-quality bases from paraffinic crude oils.

This hydraulic oil contains ashless-type anti-wear additives, meaning its use is recommended for systems operating in very severe conditions with high filterability requirements: servo-valves, robotics, numerical control equipment, etc., and in hydraulic engines running at very high loads (pressure and temperature).

Hidráulico SC

Repsol Hydroflux EP
Top-quality lubricants for hydraulic circuits. Manufactured from paraffin bases using ashless technology. They contain special ashless additives for hydraulic systems with extremely fine tolerance servo-valves where excellent filterability in the hydraulic fluid is required.

Bio Telex

Repsol Hydroflux EP

A synthetic and biodegradable hydraulic fluid. Its carefully selected base oils (synthetic esters) and additives give it excellent lubricant properties, allowing it to be used in power transmissions and machinery in environmentally sensitive areas.

It is a fluid specially formulated to replace mineral hydraulic oils in systems where there is a need for or interest in using a biodegradable fluid. Therefore, it is recommended for hydraulic systems, hydrostatic couplings, control systems, or moderately loaded dividers in forestry machinery, civil works, agriculture, etc. as it reduces the risk of impacting the environment in the case of accidental spills. It is certified by ECOLABEL as the raw materials used to synthesize esters are taken from renewable sources.

Libra Hidráulico HLP

Repsol Libra Hidráulico HLP

This range of lubricants is specially designed for use in hydraulic circuits requiring fluids with anti-wear properties. They are manufactured from a mixture of highly-refined mineral base oils and high-quality regenerated base oils that are carefully treated and purified. Specific additives have also been selected to enhance their anti-wear properties.

To further emphasize Repsol's commitment to sustainable development, this product range complies with the waste management hierarchy and is the link that completes the ecological chain of manufacturing, use, collection, and recovery of used oils.


Repsol Telex HFC

The product Telex HFC is a fire-resistant hydraulic fluid based on a mixture of water and glycol. It is a fluid intended mainly for replacing mineral hydraulic oils in systems with high fire risk.

Telex Vulcano

Repsol Hydroflux EP

This is a fire-resistant hydraulic fluid formulated from ester bases which can be classified as an HFDU fluid under the ISO 6743/4 standard. It is a fluid intended mainly for replacing mineral hydraulic oils in systems with high fire risk.

This fluid is synthetic and completely water-free, and complies with the tests stipulated in the 7th Luxembourg Protocol.

Hydroflux EP

Repsol Hydroflux EP

The lubricants included in this range are manufactured using selected base oils and contain carefully selected additives to give them properties of general-use hydraulic oils.

These are highly suitable oils for most hydraulic circuits, both in industry and transportation (dumpers, public works machinery, etc.), regardless of pump type and the pressures they work at.

Vacuum Pump Oil

Vacuum Pump Oil

An hydraulic lubricant recommended for use in vacuum pumps, more specifically in milking machine pumps.

Developed in two different viscosities (SAE10W and 30) with quality level DIN-51524 HLP.

This product is not certified for use in food production.

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