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Heat transfer oils

Gama transmisión de calor

Heat transfer

Heat transfer processes are crucial in most industries. Repsol has worked on developing suitable lubricants for efficient use in these processes in closed heating systems. These lubricants enable heat to be transferred quickly, improving energy efficiency, and they are also characterized by how long they last, given their resistance to wear and sludge build-up.

Multigrado Térmico

Recommended for heat transfer systems operating at temperatures of around 300°C (572°F). This lubricant’s most notable properties include thermal stability, lack of corrosive effects which keeps equipment in good condition, excellent temperature control, and a wide range of working temperatures.

Multigrado Térmico Sintético

Synthetic lubricant with outstanding resistance to oxidation. It is especially recommended for use in closed circuits where temperatures reach approximately 315°C (599°F). Its main properties include thermal stability, low vapor pressure, and longer lifespan than other mineral oils, resulting in excellent temperature control in these processes.

Heliotermo 2250 UF

Mineral lubricant obtained from paraffin crude oils, with great thermal stability, lack of corrosive effects, and a wide range of working temperatures, giving it excellent temperature control.

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