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General purpose lubricants

Gama engrases

Bio Multiuso Extra


Repsol's general-purpose lubricants are formulated with carefully selected base oils, which are treated to notably enhance their natural adhesiveness. This lubricant series has different levels of viscosity and, thanks its excellent oiliness and the protection it provides, is exceptional for lost oil lubrication.

This range includes biodegradable, environmentally friendly lubricants that are designed specifically for use in environmentally sensitive areas:

  • BIO MULTIUSO EXTRA is perfect for those looking for versatility in a general-purpose lubricant while also caring for the environment. It is particularly recommended for chainsaw chains but its versatility means it can be used in all types of lost oil applications. Its properties include anti-corrosiveness, oiliness, and high viscosity.

Multiuso Extra 30 and 40


Lubricants MULTIUSO EXTRA 30 and 40 boast high viscosity, exceptional oiliness, and really good corrosion protection. It is recommended for chainsaw chains but is also appropriate for lost oil lubrication as well.


REPSOL V is a lubricant containing pure minerals obtained from paraffin crude oils making it suitable for a wide range of uses, from general-purpose greasing to lost-oil greasing. It provides excellent lubrication, with a low freezing point and adequate oiliness.

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