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This range of oils has been developed for industrial gear assemblies with high load requirements

The Super Tauro range of oils has been developed for industrial gear assemblies with high load requirements. Their careful formulation incorporates the highest quality bases and additives, improving their anti-rust properties, anti-foaming capacity and, resistance to oxidation. As such, these oils provide excellent performance.

They are particularly suitable for all kinds of industrial reducers and multipliers, using splash or circulating lubrication. They are very effective in all cases requiring maximum levels of oxidation resistance and/or load capacity.

Super Tauro

Repsol  Súper Tauro
This range of lubricants has been developed to help all types of industrial gear assemblies function optimally, including those with high loads and under severe conditions.

Super Tauro Sintético

Repsol  Súper Tauro Sintético
High-performance lubricant fluids. Formulated with specially selected synthetic bases (PAO, esters) and latest-generation additives. Ideal for applications under very severe working conditions, with excellent resistance to gear micro-pitting.

Super Tauro GT

Repsol  Súper Tauro GT
Lubricant formulated with Repsol synthetic bases. Available in ISO 320 grade, it is specially designed for use in wind-turbine gearboxes. It can also be used as a lubricant when mineral products would not perform well enough.

Super Tauro FND

High-quality lubricant for all kinds of industrial gears. It is formulated with base oils specially selected for their high viscosity index and sulfur-phosphorus additives that give them excellent extreme pressure, demulsification, and anti-rust characteristics, in addition to very high resistance to gear micro-pitting.

Super Tauro PAG

Synthetic lubricant for high-performance gears. Formulated using a polyglycol base. Containing latest-generation additives that make them especially suitable for use in severe conditions (load capacity and/or slipping) within a wide temperature range.

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