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Food Grade

Gama transmisión de calor

This range meets the most demanding lubrication needs in the food processing industry and for machinery that may come into incidental contact with food products.

Our Food Grade range protects against wear, corrosion, and the build-up of deposits inside machinery in the same way as conventional oils, specially formulated to comply with the strictest quality standards in the food lubricant industry (category H1 in accordance with the NSF).
  • Hydraulics


FG Hydraulic 32
Lubricant formulated using white mineral oils improved with anti-oxidant, rust-protection, and anti-wear additives that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This lubricant meets the following quality standards: DIN 51524 Part 2 HLP, AFNOR NFE 48603-HM, and HM according to ISO 6743/4.
  • Gears


FG Gear 150

Semi-synthetic lubricating fluid improved with extreme pressure additives to perform in machinery similar to our conventional oil but it is categorized by the NSF as an H1 lubricant. It stands out for its excellent oxidative stability and great anti-rust and anti-wear properties.


FG Gear Synth 220
FG GEAR SYNTH was developed for use in facilities with extreme temperature and load-bearing operations. It is formulated with a 100% synthetic base to create a lubricant that performs excellently at extreme pressures and temperatures.
  • Chains and slideways


FG Chain
Synthetic oil developed for use on transport belt chains that move food products in ovens. Specially stabilized to be used at high temperatures leaving behind minimal evaporation residue. Excellent anti-drip properties thanks to its high adhesiveness.


Repsol Hydroflux EP

Semi-synthetic, highly adhesive anti Stick-Slip fluid specially designed to lubricate horizontal and vertical slideways without coming loose. It is formulated using highly refined, medical grade base oils and special additives which are in no way harmful to people’s health. Owing to its highly adhesive properties, it is particularly useful for equipment subjected to vigorous cleaning processes.

  • Greases


Calcium Sulfonate Grease

Formulated using a calcium sulfonate thickener, this grease presents a strong affinity for metal, is highly stable during mechanical work, and has high lubricating and anti-oxidant properties thanks to its semi-synthetic base oil. Designed for use in the food processing industry, in all applications that require excellent performance in high load and humid environments


Grease developed for use in the food processing industry, in all applications that require greases with excellent performance at high working temperatures and with heavy loads. It is registered as an H1 category grease.The carefully balanced additives, improved with solid PTFE content, yield excellent anti-corrosive, anti-oxidant, anti-wear, and extreme pressure-resistant properties, all of which are needed to guarantee the proper performance in the most demanding applications.

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