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Dielectric fluids specifically designed for use as insulators in electronic equipment such as power and distribution transformers.

Our industrial lubricant range includes dielectric lubricants. Repsol has proven experience in this industry segment and one of the most complete product portfolios on the market that extensively meets the needs of the electricity industry, including inhibited and uninhibited lubricants. As a guarantee of quality, our products comply with the international norms specific to these lubricants, such as IEC 60296 and ASTM D3487. Similarly, they have been validated and widely used by many electric companies and manufacturers of transformers and electrical equipment.


Our Electra range is made up of light paraffinic lubricants that are specially designed for use as insulating fluid in electrical equipment. They are produced from highly refined and treated base oils that guarantee the absence of solids, polar compounds, and water. The hydrogenation process these lubricants undergo ensures that they contain no corrosive sulfur, as this is known to be highly damaging for transformers. They are extremely stable lubricants against oxidation and do not corrode copper.

Electra 2X

Inhibited dielectric mineral lubricant formulated with hydrogenated base oils that meets the IEC 60296 and ASTM D3487 Type 2 standards. Especially recommended for use as an insulation fluid in electrical equipment.

Electra 3

Non-inhibited lubricant that meets IEC 60296 and ASTM D3487 Type I standards.

Electra 3X

Repsol Electra 3 y Electra 3X
Inhibited lubricant formulated with antioxidant additives that meets IEC 60296 and ASTM D3487 Type II standards.

Electra 3X Plus

Inhibited lubricant formulated with isoparaffinic base oils and antioxidant additives that meets IEC 60296 and ASTM D3487 Type II standards. It also complies with section 7.1 of standard IEC 60296 with greater resistance to oxidation and low sulfur content.


Our Tensión Centauro range is made up of light naphthenic lubricants. Their low pour point and low viscosity make them excellent for transferring heat in any operating conditions.

Tensión Centauro

Non-inhibited lubricant that meets IEC 60296 and ASTM D3487 Type I standards.

Tensión Centauro X

Inhibited lubricant with antioxidant additives that meets IEC 60296 and ASTM D3487 Type II standards.


At Repsol, we are aware of the importance of safety and the environment, which is why we offer products that help to improve safety at our clients’ facilities while also minimizing the environmental impact.

Bio Electra

Repsol Bio Electra

Our Bio Electra dielectric lubricant is formulated with at least 99% vegetable oils with no synthetic antioxidants. It includes no silicones, halogens, or any other elements that could pose a risk to safety or the environment. Such high vegetable oil content makes this lubricant quickly biodegradable and non-toxic for land and aquatic ecosystems.

This lubricant is particularly safe thanks to its high flash point. It is a fluid that reduces the risk of fires and their consequences.

Complies with the IEC 62770 standard.

Bio Electra Synth

Dielectric lubricant for transformers based on synthetic esters, produced with specially selected raw materials in order to create a high-performance fluid. It has excellent oxidative stability while also having a very low pour point, which means it is particularly recommended for cold climates.

It provides increased safety for facilities and the environment thanks to its fire protection properties and the fact that it is biodegradable. It is recommended for uses that require a fluid with a high flash point or when sustainability and environmental issues are particular important.

It complies with the IEC 61099 standard.

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