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Range of lubricants for compressors

For proper maintenance and operation of industrial plants, it is fundamental to ensure the proper lubrication of air compression, process gas, coolant gas, and vacuum pump equipment. To that end, at Repsol we have developed a high-quality compressor lubricant range that includes highly refined paraffin oils for normal working conditions, as well as other long-lasting synthetic technology oils for compressors operating in harsher conditions.

Aries Turbo Gas CC

Thanks to an extreme hydrogenation process, the base oils used to produce this lubricant have increased rust resistance. This quality together with its special additive content make it ideal for turbocompressors that operate at high temperatures and require a high-performance lubricant.

Merak VDL

Repsol Merak VDL
This lubricant is designed for cylinders and moving parts of rotary and reciprocal compressors, whether they work with air or inert gases, which operate with high discharge temperatures (up to 220°C/428°F). Its way of preventing the build-up of sludge and varnish deposits as well as its high resistance to rust make this lubricant ideal for use in screw compressors that do not work at extreme temperatures.

Sintético Thor

Repsol Sintético Thor
This ester-based synthetic lubricant is designed for use at high temperatures with high loads. It is recommended for reciprocal compressors with extreme working conditions, for rotary vane compressors and screw compressors where the fluid can extend the period between oil changes. It can also be used in vacuum pumps and inert gas compressors.

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