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EV-Fluids Range

Image of the new Fluids range container

Discover our EV-Fluids range

Formulated in our Repsol Technology Lab, seeking the best dielectric properties and ensuring compatibility with new materials to meet all the specific needs of electric vehicles.
Image of EV-Fluids range products
  • Extraordinary cooling of all components, especially batteries, whose charging efficiency depends on temperature control.
  • Excellent lubrication and protection of the electric engine and transmission, with the appropriate friction levels for increasingly demanding conditions.
  • Optimal braking system response.
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The automotive sector plays a fundamental role in the current environment, in which caring for the environment and controlling emissions are becoming more and more important. Vehicle manufacturers are committed to decarbonization using, among other solutions, electric vehicles that use cutting-edge technology and which are increasingly more diversified.

At Repsol, in line with our strong commitment to the environment, our goal of being a net-zero emissions company by 2050, and our aim of offering comprehensive solutions to our customers, we understand the responsibility of helping to promote a new mobility that is better for the environment and for society. That’s why we have launched the EV-FLUIDS range: our range of fluids designed to guarantee optimal performance of electric vehicles.

EV-Fluids Battery Thermal Fluid

EV-Fluids Battery Thermal Fluid bottle
Biodegradable dielectric fluid with excellent heat removal capacity and high resistance to oxidation, especially suitable for direct cooling (immersion) through direct contact with electric vehicle components, such as batteries, electric motors or inverters that require good temperature control to optimize its performance.

EV-Fluids Coolant Antifreeze 50%

EV-Fluids Coolant Antifreeze 50% bottle
Coolant fluid with excellent heat removal capacity and resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. Especially suitable for indirect cooling of electric vehicle components such as batteries, electric motors or inverters that require good temperature control to optimise performance.

EV-Fluids Drive ATF

EV-Fluids Drive ATF bottle
Low viscosity lubricant for automatic transmissions of electric vehicle, designed to protect gear and gearbox bearings from wear and corrosion, with improved oxidation stability and good dielectric properties.

EV-Fluids Brake Fluid DOT 5.1

EV-Fluids Brake Fluid DOT 5.1 bottle
Fluid developed for the hydraulic brakes of modern vehicles and hybrid vehicles due to its high boiling points (dry and wet), low viscosity, and lower conductivity. It has broad applicability, meeting DOT 5.1, DOT 4LV, DOT 4, and DOT 3 specifications.

EV-Fluids Complex Synth Grease

EV-Fluids Complex Synth Grease bottle
Long-lasting synthetic grease recommended for lubricating bearings, electric motors, and other electric vehicle components with specially developed lubricating and conductivity properties to achieve excellent protection and optimum performance.