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Green Fuel Grade Petcoke

Coke properties

Coke properties

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At Repsol we are committed to innovation and technological development. This has helped us produce a product that is competitive in every way.

Green Fuel Grade Petcoke properties

Coke properties

This carbonaceous product is obtained by refining oil. At Repsol we use delayed coking technology. This is a thermal cracking process which turns the heaviest fraction of oil into coke and other high value-added products. 

The name of our marketed product is "Green Fuel Grade Petcoke." Only 70% of production is marketed as fuel, while the rest is used as a carbon source in the aluminum and steel industries. 

Before using this product, it is advisable to take into account its high calorific properties, in addition to its competitive price. These properties make it optimal for the ceramic, cement, and electrical industries. 

Repsol's internal specifications for Green Fuel Grade Petcoke take into account the crudes currently processed at our refineries:

  • Ash: 0.6% maximum weight. 
  • Volatiles: 15% maximum weight. 
  • Sulfur: 7% maximum weight. 
  • HGI: 40/90 minimum and maximum. 
  • PCS: 8,000 Kcal./Kg. minimum.  
For further information about the properties of Repsol's Green Fuel Grade Petcoke, take a look at the safety data sheet (PDF - 99KB).