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Coque Verde Combustible

Thanks to our strong presence all across Spain and our production centers in Mediterranean and Atlantic ports, you are guaranteed a fast and flexible supply.

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Coruña Coker
Puertollano Coker
Cartagena Coker
Bilbao Coker
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Compare Cokers

We suit your needs. Here you can compare our facilities' production and distribution levels to find out which of them is the best fit for you.
Coruña Coker

Coruña Coker

  • Fuel-grade petcoke production”: 350,000 t/year.
  • Refinery storage capacity: 12,000 t.
  • Product characteristics: HGI 75-85; 5-6%S(db); granulometry: 0/300 mm.
  • Maximum vessel size: 12,000 t.
  • Port conditions: SSHINC.
  • Langosteira Port restrictions: 18.5 m draft.
  • Cargo ratio: 8,000 t/day.
  • Loading method: Mobile crane.
Puertollano Coker

Puertollano Coker

  • Fuel-grade petcoke production: 450,000 t/year.
  • Refinery storage capacity: 40,000 t.
  • Product characteristics: HGI 50-60; 5-6%S(db); granulometry: 0/60 mm and 60/300 mm.
Cartagena Coker

Cartagena Coker

  • Fuel-grade petcoke production: 1,200,000 t/year.
  • Refinery storage capacity: 70,000 t.
  • Characteristics: HGI 45-55; 5-6%S(db); granulometry: 0/80 mm.
  • Port storage capacity: 30,000 t.
  • Maximum vessel size: 60,000 t.
  • Port conditions: SSHINC.
  • Port Restrictions: front berth 240 m., beam 42 m., draft 22 m. Air draft 22 m.
  • Cargo ratio: 20,000 t/day.
  • Loading method: Mobile crane.
Bilbao Coker

Bilbao Coker

  • Fuel-grade petcoke production: 750,000 t/year.
  • Refinery storage capacity: 10,000 t.
  • Characteristics: HGI 40-50; 5-6%S(db); granulometry: 0/50 mm.
  • Port covered storage capacity: 60,000 t.
  • Maximum vessel size: 20,000 t.
  • Port conditions: SSHINC.
  • Port Restrictions: berth 148 m, beam 20 m, draught 21 m. Air draught 11 m.
  • Cargo ratio: 12,500 t/day.
  • Loading method: Belt.
Proceso de producción de Coque

How we produce the solution for your industry

Here we tell you about the process we use for producing green fuel-grade petcoke so you know exactly what you're buying.

Benefit from using green fuel-grade petcoke

We get coke by using delayed coking technology. Thanks to its properties, it has become the best alternative for the magnesite, ceramics, cement, and electricity industry.
  • Properties
    Pala excavadora y coque

    It's good for your industry

    Green fuel-grade petcoke offers a range of advantages for your business thanks to its excellent properties: 
    • High calorific value. 
    • Low ash content.
    • Highly competitive alternative.
  • Advantages and services
    Dos operarios de Repsol hablan mirando un gran muro

    Innovation. Quality. Guarantee.

    We could tell you about the benefits of our innovation, safety, quality standards, and the support provided by our technicians, but here we are talking specifically about the advantages of green fuel-grade petcoke.

Your industry the way you want it

Take a look at the catalog to see the great advantages of coke. With the technical data sheet you can see the safety it offers. We will try to answer your questions in the FAQs. If you have further questions, please contact Commercial Assistance below.
  • Technical data sheet


    data sheet

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Need to reach us?

Contact us by sending an email to with any questions you may have regarding our green fuel-grade petcoke.