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Green Fuel Grade Petcoke

Advantages of coke

Advantages of coke

Your industry the way you want it

At Repsol we create products that make our customers' work easier on a daily basis. That is why our Green Fuel Grade Petcoke is an excellent option.

Advantages and services

Coke properties
We are committed to meeting the needs of the market and of our customers. At Repsol, we strive to ensure that you profit from your decision to use our products through a series of advantages detailed below: 
  • Sector experience which has helped us to position ourselves as leaders in the production and marketing of coke. R&D is our hallmark.
  • Green Fuel Grade Petcoke has excellent qualities, such as high calorific value, which makes it an interesting alternative to coal.
  • Security of supply due having more than one distribution centers and to being the company with the most extensive network and geographical presence nationwide.
  • Strategic positioning that ensures excellent capillarity and a JIT service highly valued by its customers.
Green Fuel Grade Petcoke customers can benefit from the following services: 
  • Personalized technical assistance.  
  • Electronic invoicing, without queues or waits.