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Propylene glycol for industrial use

Propilen glicol para uso industrial

Propylene glycol for industrial use

Industrial propylene glycol is used as a heat transfer medium, to control viscosity, to dissolve active agents or protect against corrosion and pressure rupture.
Repsol offers:
  • MPG IND (industrial) monopropylene glycol.
  • DPG IND (industrial) dipropylene glycol.
  • TPG IND (industrial) Tripropylene glicol.
Its properties make it suitable:
  • As aircraft de-icer, enabling safe global public transport.
  • In paints and coatings, providing sustainable weather and wear protection.
  • In liquid detergents, improving hygienic conditions.
  • As a basic building block in the production of other formable plastics such as unsaturated polyester resins (UPR) used e.g. in furniture, heavy-impact surfaces (floors, kitchen, bathroom) or wind turbine blades.

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  • MPG Industrial
  • DPG Industrial
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