We are proud to announce the first production of a new polypropylene for the automotive segment

Chemistry News 12/02/2018

We expand our polypropylene portfolio with high impact copolymers (TPOs). This new range, intended for the automotive and the technical parts market, will be marketed under the Repsol ImpactO® brand.

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These new materials, manufactured for the first time in the Iberian Peninsula, are intended for the automotive and technical parts markets, as well as for compounds, that offer improved properties by combining two or more raw materials. These products will be transformed into door panels, dashboards or other everyday objects, such as shopping trolleys, suitcases or child restraint systems for cars and bicycles.

With these new products, we seek to support our customers in the automotive sector to meet their specific goals, for example the vehicle’s weight reduction in order to achieve lower fuel consumption and, consequently, minimizing CO2 emissions.

This achievement has been made possible due to the investments carried out within the differentiation strategy of our chemical business.