We reinforce our commitment with the development of biodegradable polyolefns of fossil origin

Chemistry News 03/07/2018

We further our agreement with PEP Licensing Limited to use their enzymatc technology for the development of two ranges of biodegradable polyolefns of fossil origin; one will biodegrade in soil conditions and the other will be compostable, depending on the requirements of the final application.

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Unas manos sostienen un globo terráqueo verde simulando el cuidado del medio ambiente

This agreement strengthens the previous alliance, established in 2015, for the development of biodegradable polyethylene films for agriculture, extending it now to all possible polyolefin applications.

Moreover, this solution will preserve the quality of the different recycling streams, which will facilitate the task for the end user and will not affect the current separation and recycling value chain of plastic waste.