We joined the latest plastic and automotive congress at Lille Douai

Chemistry News 06/06/2019

The SFIP (Société Française des Ingénieurs des Plastiques) and the IMT Lille Douai (School of Engineering), in association with the GPA (Groupement Plastique Automobile), come together to organize a new edition of this biennial congress dedicated to the contribution of polymers to the automotive industry.

Equipo de Repsol en el congreso sobre el plástico en la automoción en Francia

We attended once again the leading conference on plastics in the automotive industry in France. This congress deals with the latest trends and innovation in the development of plastics for the automotive industry.

In addition to our customary stand where we attended to our customers, this year we contributed with two dissertations. 

To minimize consumption and emissions, lightening weight has become key to the competitiveness of the automotive sector. For this, plastics have become a material of choice for the main parts and components of current vehicles. With this in mind and due to our commitment to the circular economy, at Repsol, we promote the recovery of our materials. 

Jose Mikael, Manager of Advanced Auto Solutions, presented our Reciclex initiative which allows closing the circle of plastic waste in the automotive industry, transforming it into new production resources. These materials will be incorporated as a raw material in our polymers and will be marketed in new applications, including in our range for interior applications in vehicles with high organoleptic requirements. 

Additionally, Piedad Curiel, Head of Laboratory Analysis and Physical Tests, presented the project that we have carried out together with Faurecia, which allows us to use a harmonized method in the measurement of the interior air quality of the vehicle. 

Once again, we bolster our commitment to the automotive industry and strengthen our commitment to the circular economy.