Repsol's poyolefins enter the healthcare market

Chemistry News 16/03/2017

The company launches its new Repsol Healthcare® portfolio, a total of 28 grades comprised of polypropylene, polyethylene and EVA copolymers.

Repsol is building a new path based on existing strengths, such as:

  • Experience in manufacturing products with the maximum cleanliness and stringent manipulation procedures.
  • Experience in food contact packaging and commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Repsol’s propylene glycol USP/EP (pharmaceutical grade) is qualified for use as an excipient in pharmaceutical products.

For Repsol, adding the “Guarantee, Commitment and Service component” (GCS) to their products is key to supplying to the Pharmaceutical Packaging and Medical Devices segments adapting to their respective quality standards through specific service packs.

Repsol has been producing and selling polyolefins for over 40 years, with a solid reputation in Europe and three integrated production facilities in the Iberian Peninsula. Their “Pharma facilities” are located in the Tarragona and Puertollano sites.

Additionally, Repsol has highly qualified personnel in its Technology Centre in Madrid covering Product Stewardship, New Developments and Technical Service.