Our new initiatives to promote the circularity of polyurethane

Chemistry News 14/12/2018

For our "Circular Economy Business Conferences," customers, recognized experts, associations, and technological institutes specialized in the industry gathered at our headquarters and the Repsol Technology Lab research center, where we shared our firm commitment to promote the sustainability of our materials. Throughout the conferences, we had the opportunity to go over the different initiatives conceived to increase the circularity of our materials, including specific projects to work on solutions to dispose of polyurethanes after their useful life.

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Poniente hablando en el auditorio del Campus Repsol. Química News

At the conferences, we outlined our global circular economy strategy as well as projects specific to our chemical business, such as Zero or Reciclex. Additionally, we disclosed Bio PUR and PU Recycling: two new specific initiatives, already underway, to promote the circularity of polyurethane.