Committed to safety in the transport of palletized cargo

Chemical News 11/03/2021

We hold a virtual conference on transport safety aimed at the awarded contractors of the new logistics contract for the chemical products, lubricants, and specialties palletized cargo. The conference goal is to share the latest advances on logistics security and lessons learned, as well as the new aspects of the SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment Systems) certificate.

People with laptops around a large meeting table

On March 10, we held a virtual conference on safety in the transport of palletized cargo of chemical products from both the Chemicals and Lubricants and Specialties businesses. These meetings, which we have been holding since 2017, reinforce our commitment to safety since it is a priority element in our logistics activity.

The conference aimed at the awarded contractors of the new palletized cargo logistics contract as well as our own and contracted dispatch centers. For us, it is key that all the actors that are part of the logistics chain know and apply the regulations of security and the environment.

As leaders in logistics security, our company stood out the compliance with technical requirements within the security and environmental contracting process. Main procedures to consider before, during, and after loading were also reviewed. Also, we presented the most relevant Track & Trace digital tool aspects, which improves the information we report to our customers and transport security since it also allows us to have a quick response to any anomalous situation and prevent possible risks.

Finally, our intervention ended with the management model based on the Logistics Security Index (ISL) to monitor incidents, anomalies, and sanctions that allow us to establish specific action plans for each of our logistics providers.

During the day, we had the participation of Victor Trapani, SQAS and Transport Regulations Manager of CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council), who spoke about the structural updates and new sections in the SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment Systems) certification scheme, owned by of CEFIC. Victor Trapani emphasized the changes regarding the management of greenhouse gas emissions and the control of product losses under the Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) program. The SQAS scheme ensures compliance with the quality, safety, and environmental protection requirements defined by the chemical industry for its logistics service providers. And it is an essential requirement to participate in any award process with our company.

Furthermore, during the conference Luis Montoro, professor of Road Safety at the University Institute for Traffic and Road Safety Research (INTRAS) of the University of Valencia, discussed aspects related to the human factor in traffic accidents at work.

We continue boosting our strategy of leading and betting on logistics security under our Comprehensive Logistics Security Plan, which with a global vision encompasses a broad set of security actions to be developed in all parts of the supply chain from cargo to delivery. arrival to customers, as well as all modes of transport used in our activity.