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Turn your house into a home with Chemicals

Discover how Repsol Chemicals can help make your home more comfortable, safe, and durable.

Home is where the heart is. It is where families come together to share in the warmth, comfort, and safety they have created. Home is our refuge. But in order to get it up to snuff, a number of boxes need ticking to make sure you are covered on the wellbeing and safety fronts. This is precisely where chemicals come into the picture.

For example, the word styrene likely sounds like Greek to you. But it is actually an essential component in façades, furniture, and flooring manufactured with polyester and paint resins. Due to styrene’s incredible firmness and protective qualities, the aforementioned surfaces boast greater resistance to impact and abrasion. Also, given its flexible and resistant nature, it is an essential material in the production of the appliances we use at home.

You may have never heard of polyols either, but they too do great things. Polyols are present in coatings and varnishes, affording added protection to materials in outdoor environments. You can also find them in industrial glues and adhesives, as they boast excellent adhesive qualities on a wide range of surfaces.

But wait, there is more. Polyols’ superb insulating properties, in rigid foam applications, help boost the energy efficiency of buildings and household appliances to provide savings of up to 80% in energy consumption and a reduction of CO2 emission. A wonderful way to take care of our second home, the planet.

In addition to protecting us from energy loss, polyols also look after our wellbeing thanks to a host of comfort-related applications. Polyurethane, present in mattresses, pillows, and even items like sofas and chairs, is manufactured with polyol for flexible foams.

Yet another component that helps to protect your home is propylene glycol. It is used in paints and coatings for roofs and pavements, boosting their resistance to wear and tear caused by environmental factors like heat, rain, and sun.

We cannot forget to mention EVA/EBA copolymers either, as they boast a range of varied and useful applications. For example, they are used to make the foams that soundproof our homes. They are also employed in the production of highly resistant architectural inks and paints. Given their fantastic adhesive properties, they are also used in the production of woodworking adhesives so that your outdoor furniture stays looking fabulous for longer.

As you can see, Repsol’s Chemicals are an integral part of your home. A space where you can feel safe and comfortable, always.

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