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Thermal adhesive emulsions

Thermo-Adhesive Emulsions

Thermal adhesive emulsions

Thermal adhesive emulsions are quick-setting products with special characteristics in terms of adhesiveness between layers, adherence to support structures, and low or no stickiness to the tires of construction vehicles.

Frequently used in tack coats of the different surface layers

The residual bitumen of conventional emulsions for tack coats tends to become detached with the passing of construction vehicles and the machines used to spread the mixture, significantly reducing the life of the surface. Something that does not occur with thermo-adhesive emulsions. All of this provides a series of advantages such as:
  • The tack coat applied is not removed
  • It saves significantly on costs due to the optimization of the quantity of emulsion and in the means used to install it, on not having to go back over zones not covered by the emulsion.
  • Construction traffic does not have to be stopped

Repsol's range of thermo-adhesive emulsions is divided into three types: C60BP3 TER Antistick Plus, which is used for tack coats of the wearing course, particularly when it has a draining mix (PA) or a thin layer mix (BBTM or SMA). The C60B3 TER Antistick and C60B3 TER Antistick Plus emulsions are preferably used for adherence to the other surface layers. They are all quick-setting cationic emulsions and are manufactured from hard bitumens or polymer-modified bitumens. 

In order to achieve the best results with this product, a correct installation temperature is required (between 50 º and 70 º), fracture time must be observed (between 5 and 60 minutes depending on the environmental conditions and type of medium) and a coat tanker with clean injectors and in good state must be used.

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