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Export emulsions

Export Emulsions

High stability emulsions for storage and export

We have developed a range of emulsions with high stability in storage: Export emulsions, products that make it possible to improve the natural sedimentation process, storage and long-distance transportation.

Applications and properties

Emulsions are a thermodynamically unstable heterogeneous system consisting of a bitumen phase and aqueous phase formed by water, emulsifiers and pH-regulating agents. This natural instability gives rise to a natural process called sedimentation that causes the separation of the water and bitumen phases. This can lead to the total or partial fracture of the emulsion, going from a typical sedimentation process to flocculation and coalescence. 

The applications of our Export range of emulsions include priming coating, adherence and curing, bituminous slurries and cold microsurfacing, emulsion gravel, superficial treatments by means of gravel coating, open-graded bituminous mixtures and cooled mixtures manufactured by emulsion.

The Export range of emulsions therefore offers the following advantages:

  • Improves stability in storage compared to conventional emulsions, improving sedimentation results.
  • Allows long-term storage, such as crossing time in maritime transportation, waiting times for loading and unloading, long-distance land transportation.
  • They are ideal for prolonged storage when requires in construction projects and can be transported and stored in IBC-type containers, flexitanks or conventional tanks.

Technical data sheet

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