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Emulsions for cooled bituminous mixes

Emulsions for cooled bituminous mixtures

Emulsions for cooled bituminous mixes

ECOTEMP and RECITEMP are two specific products for manufacturing and using cooled bituminous mixtures. Its use has allowed a reduction in temperature in recent years that implies lower emissions, increased safety and occupational health and energy savings in the performance of the activity.

Applications and properties

The most significant advantages of these emulsions include, namely, that with an adequate mixture manufacturing process, the products allow the deteriorated material to be used in its entirety in a new mixture. 

A lower manufacturing temperature also allows slows down the bitumen aging process, which increases the durability of the mixture and contributes to save on the use of fuels and the possibility of adapting the manufacturing plant for the use of these techniques.

Technical data sheet

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