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EFIMUL open-graded cold mixes

EFIMUL Cold open mixtures

EFIMUL open-graded cold mixes

At Repsol we have developed a medium-setting bituminous emulsion for the manufacture of open-grade mixtures that can be stored and handled at ambient temperature. This product, called C67B3 MBA EFIMUL, has been specifically designed to leverage the versatility and mobility offered by machines for manufacturing and spreading bituminous slurries.

Applications and properties

Our development, the C67B3 MBA EFIMUL emulsion, enables the manufacture of cold open mixtures using a bituminous slurry manufacturing machine with the following properties:
  • Stability with respect to the aggregate studied
  • Stability in stability in storage
  • Optimum aggregate/binder adhesiveness conditions
  • Adequate viscosity to the aggregate used and components of the manufacturing machine
  • Versatile and manageable during manufacture and supply
Some of the main advantages of the use of the compact machine with our C67B3 MBA EFIMUL emulsion are:
  • Versatility as a project unit
  • Effectiveness in manufacturing/application system
  • System that makes it possible to take advantage of the available resources, without replacing the traditional system
  • Economic assembly and disassembly of manufacturing machines compared to traditional means
  • Ecoefficient system: emission-free and low consumption of both electricity and fuel
  • System adapted to the geographical zone of the construction project, nature of the aggregates, transportation possibilities and location of the worksite

Technical data sheet

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