High modulus bitumen

High modulus bitumen is the most advisable choice when requiring greater rigidity and/or less surface thickness (reinforcement surface layers, airport surfaces, etc.), due to the fact that this type of bitumen makes it possible to obtain a module with a rigidity more than two times greater than that corresponding to a conventional mixture.

A bitumen with a rigidity twice as high as that of a conventional mixture

At Repsol, with a careful selection process of crude oils, a special product has been developed, called high modulus bitumen, which makes it possible to obtain mixtures with a stiffness modulus more than twice as high as a conventional mixture. In this way, the thickness of the road surface can be reduced while maintaining its structural capacity, which in turn results in lower costs.

Its use is recommended mainly in:

  • Base layers in new surfaces.
  • Airport surfaces.
  • Reinforcement or partial reconstruction of surfaces.
  • Anti-rut intermediate layer when using a thin wearing course layer.