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AutoGas for barrier-free mobility

The alternative fuel of choice in the professional taxi sector
vehículo de autogás
Repsol and ONCE Foundation (Spanish Organisation for the Blind) have presented a project to promote in Spain the use of Autogas Eurotaxis, disabled access taxis that use this fuel. Also known as LPG, AutoGas is the most-used alternative fuel worldwide. In Europe, there are 8 million vehicles on the roads using this fuel that offers economic benefits of an average saving of 20% in the cost per kilometre and other benefits such as reducing emissions to a minimum.

These benefits are what make AutoGas the preferred option in the taxi sector. Some 2,000 of these vehicles in Spain have Autogas engines and 10% of the taxis that are renewed annually in large cities such as Barcelona or Madrid use this alternative fuel. Repsol has 85 service stations with AutoGas pumps and will continue to expand its network in the coming years at the rate of 100 addition service stations, to meet growing demand.

Eurotaxis are adapted vehicles for passengers with physical disabilities. Current Legislation has set a target for all town halls to grant a minimum of 5% of taxi licenses to disabled access taxis by 2017. Through Eurotaxi with AutoGas, the ONCE Foundation and Repsol want to promote the development of disabled access taxis and also take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits that this fuel offers.
Last updated: January 2012