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The Repsol Guide 2014 rewards three Suns to eight restaurants in Spain and four in Portugal The Repsol Guide celebrates its 35th anniversary

  • Repsol Chairman and CEO Antonio Brufau presented the new edition of the Repsol Guide 2014 today.
  • The latest developments of this new edition where all presented at the event which included a tour through the three decades of tourism and Spanish cuisine conducted by actor and member of the Royal Spanish Academy of gastronomy, Juan Echanove.
  • The Repsol Guide 2014 rewards eight Spanish restaurants three Suns, the highest rating. Chefs Eneko Atxa (Azurmendi), Mario Sandoval (Coque), Francis Paniego (El Portal de Echaurren), Ricardo Sanz (Kabuki Wellington), José Rojano (La Terraza), Kiko Moya (L'Escaleta), Koldo Rodero (Rodero) and Ricard Camarena (Ricard Camarena) achieved the highest gastronomic ranking granted in Spain.
  • In addition, the Repsol Guide now offers more information on Portugal and awards its highest rating of three Suns to four Portuguese restaurants: Belcanto (Lisbon), Fortaleza do Guincho (Guincho), The Ocean (Porches) and Vila Joya (Albufeira).
  • In homage to the 35th anniversary of the Repsol Guide, the company has published a book 1979-2013, 35 years backing Spanish cuisine, which is prefaced by Repsol Chairman and CEO, Antonio Brufau.
  • All content included in the Repsol Guide 2014 is already available on, a benchmark web of tourism and gastronomy, which will revolutionize its current concept next spring to incorporate the latest in digital technology.
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Repsol Chairman and CEO Antonio Brufau today presided the unveiling of the new edition of the Repsol Guide 2014 in Madrid, during which he highlighted Repsol’s commitment to tourism, travel and gastronomy over the last 35 years.

Brufau also made a special reference to the restaurateurs and chefs that "take Spanish gastronomy to new heights", and to whom he wished to pay tribute for their enormous contribution to the development of gastronomic tourism in Spain in recent decades.

The President of the Royal Spanish Academy of gastronomy, Rafael Ansón, has stated that “the Repsol Suns, their quantity and their geographical distribution reflect with absolute objectivity the Spanish gastronomy map and the exceptional evolution that Spanish gastronomy, cuisine and restaurants have experienced in recent years”.

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Repsol Guide, actor and member of the Royal Academy of gastronomy, Juan Echanove, recalled changes he has lived and experienced in Spain during this period that have reflected on the development of gastronomic tourism in Spain and transformed it into a world leader. To celebrate this anniversary, the company has published a book "1979-2013, 35 years backing Spanish cuisine", prefaced by the Repsol Chairman and CEO, Antonio Brufau, which includes articles by Ferrán Adrià and Rafael Ansón, President of the Royal Academy of gastronomy.

Some of the most outstanding chefs of these last decades, such as Juan Mari Arzak, Ferrán Adrià, Juan Antonio Medina Gálvez, Dani García, José Rojano, Marcos Morán, Toño Pérez, Manuel de la Osa, Quique Dacosta and Francis Panieto, have participated in the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Repsol guide with some of their most representative creations. The coordination and elaboration of the tapas was overseen by Paco Roncero.

In 2014 there are 37 (33 in Spain and four in Portugal) restaurants awarded three Repsol Suns and eight new additions to this national honour roll: Eneko Atxa Azurmendi restaurant (Larrabeztu, Bizkaia) restaurant; Mario Sandoval, Coque restaurant (Humanes, Madrid); Francis Paniego of El Portal de Echaurren restaurant (Ezcaray, La Rioja); Ricardo Sanz, Kabuki Wellington restaurant (Madrid); José Rojano, La Terazza restaurant (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria); Kiko Moya, L'escaleta restaurant (Concentaina, Alicante); Koldo Rodero, Rodero restaurant (Pamplona), and Ricard Camarena, Ricard Camarena restaurant (Valencia), who repeats the classification already achieved with Arrop in 2012.

Among the novelties of the new Repsol Guide 2014, there is more extensive information on gastronomic tourism in Portugal, which includes establishments, catering, accommodation and the best tourist proposals of Spain’s neighbouring country. With this, the Repsol Guide becomes a complete guide of reference in the Iberian Peninsula, without forgetting Andorra and Southern France.

As an additional novelty, the Repsol Guide 2014 has awarded three Suns to four Portuguese restaurants, winning Spain’s highest-ranking gastronomic award: Belcanto (Lisbon), Fortaleza do Guincho (Guincho), The Ocean (Porches) and Vila Joya (Albufeira).

A guide tailored for the traveller

The latest edition consolidates the already successful Repsol Guide, a more visual and easy-to-use format structured in three volumes with separate content to plan the perfect trip: with road maps of Spain and Portugal, and the Tourism Guide with the best restaurants and a Guide of Routes with the Best Flavours.

As in previous editions, the Spain and Portugal Road Map Guide comes in a separate volume which is very practical and manageable: it includes fully updated mapping in a comfortable drop-down format and at scale 1: 300,000 of Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Southern France; without a doubt, a perfect tool for travelling and making the most of your trip without missing a thing..

The Tourism Guide with the Best Restaurants has brought together 35 years’ experience as leader in the travel world and includes detailed information on more than 800 destinations and 1,500 restaurants.

The Tourism Guide with the Best Flavours completes the gastronomic and tourism guide offering the traveller a different way to discover Spain with all five senses. In this edition 34 new gastronomic products have been added, two from each region, which encourage the traveller to visit Spain with their taste buds, and discover the history, traditions and festivals of the towns with the best flavours. The Routes Guide has also included a selection of the country’s best wines and a space dedicated to the Pozalagua Cave in Bizkaia, winner of the "Best Spot 2013" online contest.

All these new routes can be found on, which have been added to those published since 2009, with 204 routes to enjoy Spain’s most authentic flavours.

The Repsol Guide website,, will begin a new phase next spring in its bid to consolidate itself as a benchmark in the world of travel with more than 1.6 million visits per month and over 110,000 followers on social networks. The website will apply all the latest in digital technology to the world of socialisation and mobility on trips in all its phases: from planning, sharing it on social networks to its realisation, so that the traveller will feel accompanied in real time throughout the process.

In this new phase of, there will be a new foods and beverages guide, which under the guidance of the Spanish Royal Academy of Gastronomy and the Good Food Guild will reveal high quality Spanish products such as cured meats, cheeses, olive oils, canned fish, seafood and vegetables, among other products.

La Rioja, Navarra and the Canary Islands add three Repsol Suns

Since its first edition in 1979, the Repsol guide has supported quality cuisine, which is essential to tourism culture in Spain. With the guidance of the Spanish Royal Academy of Gastronomy and the Good Food Guild, every year the Repsol guide selects the most outstanding restaurants and distinguishes them by awarding Repsol Suns.

Restaurants are distinguished with one, two or three Repsol Suns, a symbol that has become a benchmark of quality gastronomy in Spain.

This year La Rioja, Navarra and the Canary Islands have been added to the list of autonomous communities with the Repsol Guide highest ratings: El Portal de Echaurren (Ezcaray, La Rioja), La Terraza (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) and Rodero (Pamplona).

The great moments that Spanish cuisine is living are reflected in a new record of restaurants awarded Repsol Suns: 502, in other words 94 more than in 2013. Of which, 37 have three Suns (33 in Spain and four in Portugal), 129 with two (111 in Spain, 16 in Portugal and two in the South of France) and 336 have a Repsol Sun (286 in Spain, 46 in Portugal, three in the South of France, and one in Andorra).

The prestige of Spanish wines

As is now tradition, the Repsol Guide also invites the traveller to enjoy the best Spanish wines. Route guidance with the best flavours includes a careful selection of Spain’s ten most popular wines, complemented with a list of the ten most outstanding by region.

The selection is backed by the best professionals, under the coordination and supervision of the Spanish Royal Academy of Gastronomy who carried out rigorous tastings throughout the year.

Repsol Chariman Antonio Brufau with renowned chefs posing with the Repsol Guide celebrating its 35th anniversary