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Privacy policy

Service provider categories

Categories of service providers that may have access to your personal data

  • Telecommunications services
  • Audit and consulting services
  • Financial, banking, and other related services
  • Training services
  • Payroll management services
  • Trusted third party services
  • Employee/Customer service
  • Back office services
  • Quality surveys, opinion studies, or market research services
  • Debt collection management services
  • Postal, distribution, and courier services
  • Printing and envelope services
  • Physical security services
  • Filing, custody, storage, and digitization services
  • Document removal and disposal services
  • Administrative services
  • Communication and advertising services
  • Legal services
  • Corporate social responsibility services
  • Maintenance services
  • Data enrichment services 
  • Transportation and logistics services
  • Miscellaneous business support activities

Location where these services are provided: Spain

  • IT services:
  • Technological platform services
  • Hosting services
  • Data processing services
  • Architecture and engineering services
  • Backup services
  • Business continuity services
  • Electronic custody services
  • IT consulting services
  • Security and cybersecurity services
  • Miscellaneous It services

Location where these services are provided: preferably in Spain and the EU, or in the rest of the world in some cases.