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  • What is energy?

    Energy is the only way of changing one thing into another that we know of.

Energy is everlasting

The properties of energy are magical.
  • It can be stored

    That is why it travels from one ball to another and the pendulum doesn’t stop.
  • It can be transformed

    That is how solar panels are able to convert the sun’s energy into electricity.
  • It can be transferred

    That is why a tennis player’s arm transfers its mechanical energy through the racket to the ball being hit.
  • It can be dissipated

    That is why a car moves as the engine burns gasoline, but it also gives off heat as energy that dissipates.

All about oil

Here you can learn how oil was created, how it is extracted, how it reaches everyone, and what it is used for. Learn everything you need to know about hydrocarbons and their uses in daily life.

What kind of world will we live in?

Eve will probably live in a city. She will probably control her heartbeats from a very advanced smartphone and she will probably share her car with other people. Probably…

In what kind of world do we want to live?

We want a future in which Candela can take a shower with hot water, travel, and communicate freely. But we also want her to live on a cleaner planet. That is the challenge—combining energy needs with sustainability.

What are we doing for the future?

We want a prosperous future for Thomas. That is why we research, test, and create solutions that improve life for everyone on the planet now and in the future.
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