An electric vehicle charging point every 50 kilometers

More than 1,000 public electric charging stations in Spain and Portugal

We're consolidating our multi-energy supply in sustainable mobility with more than 1,000 electric vehicle charging points by the end of 2022 in order to step up the energy transition. Our goal is to have one charging station every 50 kilometers along the main roadways of the Iberian Peninsula. This project falls within our commitment to becoming a net zero emissions company by 2050.


public charging points

in Spain and Portugal by the end of 2022.

50 km


each station along the main roadways of the Iberian Peninsula.


service stations

with electric charging points in Spain by 2023.


renewable energy

provides the power for the stations.

180 kW

installed power

at the ultra-fast charging points.

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Our extensive network

Currently, the Repsol EV charging network features over 2,000 charging stations, of which more than 350 charging points are public, and it includes 100 ultra-fast points. The majority of these are located at service stations.

  • The installed power at the fast and ultra-fast stations is 50 kW and 180 kW, respectively.
  • The origin of the electricity from the Repsol electric charging stations is guaranteed to be 100% renewable.


Partnering with Uber to accelerate the transition towards electric mobility

Uber green car

We signed a strategic agreement to accelerate the transition of Uber drivers towards electric mobility. As such, we've become Uber's preferred energy supplier for its drivers of VTC and taxi vehicles that are 100% electric and plug-in hybrids. We'll make a comprehensive charging solution available to Uber drivers with the guarantee that the origin of the electricity is 100% renewable.

Uber has pledged that by 2025 50% of the average mileage traveled will be on electric vehicles in seven European capitals, including Madrid, and that by 2030, 100% of its trips in the US, Canada, and Europe will be electric. Moreover, in 2040 Uber will be a zero emissions platform, in 10,000 cities and six continents, with 100% of the trips completed on zero emissions vehicles.

In accordance with this agreement, which starts off in Madrid and will be extended to other cities across Spain, Uber drivers that own an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle will be able to use the charging points located both at our service stations and throughout our entire public charging network. Furthermore, Uber VTC and taxi drivers will enjoy discounts on electricity supply subscription contracts and when charging using our public charging infrastructure network.