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More than 900 professionals working with a common goal: making people's lives better

We've built multidisciplinary teams drawing on the people who make this digital transformation possible. They work across the entire Company using methodologies that enhance agility in day-to-day work.
Enrique Fernández Puertas. Projects and People. Digital transformation.

"The digital transformation allows us to change our organizational culture."

Enrique Fernández Puertas (Company Program),
Director of Digitalization and Architecture

Enrique Dameno. People and projects. Digital transformation.

"At Repsol, we continue to transform the world while putting the customer at the center of everything we do."

Enrique Dameno (Industrial Area),
Director of Digitalization and CIM

Nuria Ávalos. Projects and People. Digital Transformation.

"We take on the challenges of combining ambitious business needs with emerging technologies."

Nuria Ávalos,
Director of Blockchain and Digital Experimentation

Juan Monterroso. Projects and people. Digital transformation.

"Our success is based on doing things differently and empowering people."

Juan Monterroso (Exploration and Production Area),
Director of Innovation, Digitalization, & RISE

  • And more than 130 digital initiatives with the very same goal. This is just the beginning.

    Transforming the energy sector with a world of technology at our disposal to optimize mechanical tasks and make better decisions.
  • Un hombre sentado delante de un puesto de mando con un ordenador. Energía e innovación.Transformación digital.

    Robots that free you from repetitive tasks

    What if you focused on tasks that add more value, automating burocratic processes related to contracts and guarantees?
  • Estación de servicio Repsol. Energía e innovación.Transformación digital.

    The power of a Data-Driven company

    Operative centers and platforms that manage thousands of key parameters in real time to improve safety, production, and efficiency through predictive and powerful data analysis.
  • Plataforma petrolera en el mar

    New experiences at Service Stations

    We are transforming our range of services and integrating the value offered by partners such as El Corte Inglés at our Supercor Stop&Go stores.
  • Operator in the refinery. Projects and people. Energy and innovation

    Digital mobility at the service of our employees

    We are redefining the maintenance and operational management tools used at our industrial plants.
  • A project by the people, for the people

    Because the key to any project is the team behind it. In its inspiration. In how it accepts challenges. In the energy it transmits…
Juan José Casado. Projects and people. Digital transformation.

"Information is extremely valuable, but the secret lies in knowing what to do with it."

Juan José Casado,
Data & Analytics HUB Director

Cristina González. UX & Design HUB Lead

"Design is what humanizes the technology we carry in our pockets."

Cristina González,
UX & Design HUB Lead

Ana Torres. Projects and people. Digital transformation.

"The key to robotization is helping people reach their maximum potential."

Ana Torres,
Software Robotics HUB Lead

Adolfo Menéndez. Projects and people. Digital transformation.

"The changes to our way of working help us become increasingly agile and efficient."

Adolfo Menéndez,
Agile HUB Lead

  • What if you're part of this change, too?

    Our transformation depends on lots of people, and you can be part of it. We're expanding our digital team, incorporating new talent, defining new roles, and transforming our cross-Company style of working in multidisciplinary teams.