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Corporate Ventures Team. Luis Casado

Luis Casado Padilla

Corporate Venturing Director

"With our Corporate Venture model, we strive to speed up Repsol’s incorporation of innovative technologies and business models, by testing them out, and if everything looks good, scaling up the solution. This is all done with the support of a team of professionals that act as the connecting link between the company's different businesses, with a clear understanding of the startup ecosystem and technological challenges that they will be in continuous contact with"

Investment Managers

Each startup search team works under a specialized

manager who selects, invests, and manages the interest acquired.

  • Corporate Ventures Team. Natalia Ruiz Sáez
    Natalia Ruiz Sáez
    Advanced materials and differentiated products
  • Corporate Ventures Team. Marta Gómez Mariano
    Marta Gómez Mariano
    Reliability and new technologies in E&P
  • Corporate Ventures Team. Gema García González
    Gema García González
    Circular economy
  • Corporate Ventures Team. Óscar López Goikolea
    Óscar López Goikolea
    Advanced mobility and new energy businesses

Investment Associates

Our team of associates supports and collaborates with the managers of each area

and investment project, as well as in the subsequent management of the investee.

  • Corporate Ventures Team. Amaia Zabaleta
    Amaia Zabaleta
  • Corporate Ventures Team. Jesús Lozano
    Jesús Lozano
  • Corporate Ventures Team. María Rojas
    María Rojas
  • Corporate Ventures Team. Álvaro Reguera
    Álvaro Reguera
  • Corporate Ventures Team. Juan Rubio
    Juan Rubio
  • Corporate Ventures Team. Antonio Pérez Lepe
    Antonio Pérez
  • Corporate Ventures Team. Amaia de Manueles
    Amaia de Manueles
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    At Corporate Venturing we have developed a quick and

    effective way of selecting startups to invest in.

    If you are a fund manager or any kind of investor, we would also like to hear from you.