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A better world

Plastics that work

Plastics that improve crops

We have created plastics capable of controlling the light, humidity, and temperature in very advanced and sustainable greenhouses.

At Repsol, we have created a new generation of environmentally-friendly plastics that enable diversified crops to be grown at any time of year.

Plastic plays the leading role as the cover of the greenhouse. It needs to have special characteristics to be effective in all conditions. It is the component that regulates the temperature, humidity, and the amount and quality of light entering the greenhouse. We have created the ideal formulas for each specific case.

With the CENIT Mediodía PROJECT , we are conducting research to improve plasticulture and create a new advanced greenhouse concept. 

With this project, we have achieved excellent results in the field of plasticulture, gaining the knowledge necessary to create advanced greenhouses that are highly automated and efficient in energy and water consumption. This will enable the cultivation of diversified and profitable crops all year long in Spain's different climate zones using an integrated production system. 

Heat-resistant plastics

We formulate thermoplastics to create pieces for vehicles’ interiors and exteriors.

At the Repsol Technology Center, we work on vulcanized thermoplasticsthat are easier to color, easier to process, and have better temperature and oil resistance. They are ideal for the automotive industry, both inside and outside the passenger compartment, as well as for the industrial and construction industries. 

At the Repsol Technology Center, we pursue the goal of improving the range of plastic products with new formulas that make them more resistant to scratching and impacts, which is essential in car manufacturing.

Plastics for preserving food

To prevent oxidation of foods, we are creating plastics that trap oxygen and keep food from spoiling for up to three years.

In the world of food, at the Repsol Technology Center we develop plastic wrapping that increases the time perishable products can be saved. We formulate them with oxygen scavengers that reduce oxidation in food and ensure they do not spoil for three years.

At Repsol, we work to improve plastics for saving food with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

Self-repairing plastics

We are able to make plastics that can recover after an impact, returning to their original shape and use.

With the CENIT TRAINER PROJECT , we are developing the technology to create plastics that can repair themselves independently and automatically after incurring damage, recovering both their original aesthetic and mechanical properties. 

Self-repairing plastics will provide a significant boost in productivity to various sectors due to the savings they bring in maintenance costs, in addition to environmental benefits, improvements in occupational safety, greater comfort, and peace of mind for the end user.