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How to get your car back up and running without sending it to the shop

Has your car sat un-started for over a month? After storing your vehicle for a long time, getting it back up and running is not as simple as turning the key and taking off. Our mobility experts at the Repsol Technology Lab bring you these tips, so you and your car can get moving problem-free.
  • If your car won't start, these tips can help you get it back up and running

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Before using any vehicle again...

Make sure there are no leaks by looking under the car for puddles of water, oil, or antifreeze.

Check all electrical components like the radio, turn signals, and power windows, which may malfunction after long periods of inactivity.

Turn on the air conditioning, even if it's not hot, and let it run a few minutes to get gas moving throughout the vehicle.

Check the tires. After leaving a car idle for a long time, the tires may have lost pressure or may even have warped.

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If your vehicle runs on fuel…

Start up the engine and let it idle for a few minutes in order to help lubricate all the parts.

While in idle… step on the break and the clutch and turn the wheel. This will reactivate the hydraulic system.

Make sure your first trip is long enough, so that the engine reaches an optimal temperature and fluids have time to circulate throughout all systems.

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If you drive a hybrid...

Check the battery as it may be dead if your car hasn't been used for a long time.

If the hybrid system battery is dead… before taking off, let the combustion engine run for half an hour with all the electric systems turned off. This will allow the battery to build up enough charge to get you moving again.

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If it's 100% electric or a plug-in hybrid…

Trickle charge the battery, especially if the power level is below 15%.

And as always, you can count on our service stations