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Areas and teams

Where would you like to work?

Your training may be useful in several different areas or teams. Find out about these areas and the types of profiles that work there.

Professional areas and teams at Repsol

  • Help Repsol keep growing on a solid financial base, complying with the strictest quality standards.
  • Manage talent at Repsol and help create a people-centered working environment.

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  • Our legal team acts as a facilitator that ensures everything we do, allowing us to maintain good relationships with all the people and entities we work with.
  • Gives Repsol a voice and help transmit our values and messages, building communication bridges with people through different channels.

  • At Repsol we're building the future of energy. Your work will involve finding new forms of business to make us a part of this future.
  • Help us digitalize Repsol. Develop, implement, and maintain information systems in an international company, helping us to become even more efficient.
  • Help produce and transform all types of energy in a safe, sustainable, and efficient way.
  • Become the face of a multienergy company. Help our clients access energy and consume it intelligently through personalized solutions.
  • Transform ideas into new solutions, from improving our lubricants to developing all types of derivative products.
  • Discover and extract oil and gas as safely and efficiently as possible.
  • Safety is an absolute priority here at Repsol, which makes your work key in this area. Ensure Repsol's operations comply with the strictest safety and environment standards.
  • Set up the means to transport energy to where it is needed, with the safety and efficiency that characterize our company.
  • Develop and maintain our platforms, plants, and production lines. Take on the challenge and work in top-class facilities that produce more than one million barrels per day.
  • Follow the live and continuous evolution of the financial and energy markets to hedge for the Repsol Group and our customers.