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  • The professionals we seek

    Our teams comprise people of different nationalities and with different talents, which drives our company's growth.

Firsthand accounts

Who better than the people who make up our team to tell you what it's like working at Repsol? 
  • Marta Camacho

    "When you work hard, you are rewarded. Having an opportunity is just as important as knowing how to make the most of it."

    Marta Camacho
    Director of Institutional Relations Spain and Global Issues
  • Enrique Espí

    "There are no bad ideas at Repsol: we are free to put our ideas forward to later see how the viable ones materialize."

    Enrique Espí
    Biotechnology Consultant at the Repsol Technology Center
  • Kristian Rix

    "Work-life balance is key to creating an ideal work environment."

    Kristian Rix
    Director of International Communication and Country Coordination

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Benefits of working at Repsol

We offer our employees continuous training and the chance to engage in developing innovative and challenging projects.
  • Different perspectives

Mujeres científicas

Scientists at the RTC

Meet Mari Paz, Claudia, and Raquel, three of the more than 90 female scientists at the Repsol Technology Center, inspiring girls everywhere with dreams of a career in science.
Close up de Verónica Castillo

Discovering the secrets of the subsurface

From the outset, Verónica Castillo transmits an absolute passion for her profession and for one specialty in particular: geology.
Dolores Campillos

María Dolores Campillos: “We must recognize women for their true worth”

María Dolores Campillos is the Lubricants and Specialized Products and Logistics Manager at the Puertollano refinery.
A guide dog at Repsol

A guide dog at Repsol

Brilyn, also known as Bri, is a golden retriever trained to take her owner, Patricia, everywhere. Learn about their daily lives at Repsol.