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Life at Repsol

Life at Repsol

At Repsol, we have a shared future project in which our various teams turn company goals into a reality. This collaborative spirit creates a great work environment and a sense of belonging within the Repsol family based on the following four core pillars.

Equal opportunities
Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities

At Repsol, we value talent based on abilities and results. That's why we're proud to have women working in every area of our activity.
Así somos. Responsabilidad

Counting on you

We achieve our goals while taking into consideration the global impact of our decisions and actions. Our aim is to successfully satisfy the growing demand for energy sustainably and with minimal impact on the environment.

Taking a step forward

The main driving force behind the transformation Repsol is undergoing lies in changing people's behavior, in other words, it's about doing things differently. Our leadership model aims to bolster and align people's leadership style and responsibility.

Reinventing ourselves everyday

Times change, and so does the way we work.
At Repsol, we use streamlined methodologies in all of our projects which in turn translate to flexibility, quality, effectiveness, and speed, within a collaboration environment in which generosity and collective learning come first.

Adapting to grow

A flexible company, a flexible team.
Both sides benefit in terms of growth and development while ensuring that the needs of our teams are compatible with those of the company.

The three key attitudes

All of our teams play a very important role by acting in accordance with our values and our culture, which are based on three key attitudes.
  • Proactivity

    Make things happen

    We seek people who take the initiative, act independently, and are not afraid to make decisions and contribute new ideas.
  • Collaborative

    This is a team

    You share information, ideas, and points of view with colleagues. This way, you acquire a more global vision of the business and the company, which gives us an edge that sets us all apart. In the end, we all win.
  • Results-oriented

    Making a difference

    Our teamwork model is results-oriented, allowing our employees to grow on a professional level.
Estudiantes y graduados

Students and graduates at Repsol

Welcoming talent.
Triumph is a long-term strategy. By combining talent with Repsol's training programs, it will enable you to forge a successful career within the company.
Profesionales expertos

Experienced professionals

Building on Repsol.
The company grows at the same rate as the people who are a part of it. This is why we foster your professional development through challenging projects.
  • Committed to people

    At Repsol, we are innately driven to engage in social responsibility, and our goal is to improve people's lives and enhance their social, educational, environmental, and cultural development.
Community involvement

Our community involvement

Fundación Repsol represents a response to Repsol's commitment and responsibility to society as a whole and especially to the communities in which we operate.
By getting involved with the foundation, you can choose between sharing your knowledge through training, supporting disadvantaged groups, working toward greater inclusion of people with disabilities, and getting involved in energy-related projects.

Different perspectives

A guide dog at Repsol

A guide dog at Repsol

Brilyn, also known as Bri, is a golden retriever trained to take her owner, Patricia, everywhere. Learn about their daily lives at Repsol.
Mujeres científicas

Scientists at the RTC

Meet Mari Paz, Claudia, and Raquel, three of the more than 90 female scientists at the Repsol Technology Center, inspiring girls everywhere with dreams of a career in science.
Dolores Campillos

María Dolores Campillos: “We must recognize women for their true worth”

María Dolores Campillos is the Lubricants and Specialized Products and Logistics Manager at the Puertollano refinery.
Close up de Verónica Castillo

Discovering the secrets of the subsurface

From the outset, Verónica Castillo transmits an absolute passion for her profession and for one specialty in particular: geology.