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Two employees smiling and chatting at the Repsol Campus

Life at Repsol

We are a multienergy company that is committed to an energy transition towards a low-emissions future. We will achieve this with the help of innovation and technology by being efficient and respectful upon creating value in a sustainable way aiming to drive progress in society.

  • A global company

    More than 25,000 people of 84 different nationalities work for Repsol across 37 countries. We all play our part in building the future.
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    Integrated company

    We are a global, innovative, and sustainable multienergy company. We are present throughout the entire energy value chain.
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    A multienergy company

    Energy is our business. That's why we have a strong presence in alternative energy and gas solutions.
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    R&D Commitment

    It's an attitude. We want to transform the energy future through research and the development of new solutions.
  • A great place to work

    We are proud to say that 81% of our employees recommends Repsol

  • Our way of doing things

    Talking about a Repsol culture wouldn't be possible if it weren't because of the team of people behind it that make it a reality. Wherever we are in the world, we all work hard to provide energy that is accessible, efficient, and safe. Want to find out more?
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We optimize our resources, and we're agile and flexible when it's time to get to work.
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Our commitment to people, society, and the environment is part of our decision-making and our everyday work.
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To change the future, we must first work on the present. We learn and improve, put new ideas to the test, and collaborate to build that future together.
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Value creation

It sums up everything we do: add value to our shareholders and all of society. Each person on our team clearly understands our goals and has the judgment needed to prioritize what most matters.
Three operators together at a Repsol refinery

Repsol Culture

From Brazil to Indonesia. In the desert or out at sea. Wherever we are, there's a culture – a constant way of doing things guided by respect, efficiency, anticipation, and value creation principles.
  • Talent, challenges, and projects: 

    It's how the people on our team shine

    Our team at the Puertollano refinery came up with an idea to reduce energy consumption and developed it until it became a successful project. Discover the story behind this idea and the team that made it possible.
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Socially responsible

Through the Repsol Foundation, we develop social, cultural, and scientific projects, among others. Over 800,000 people have benefited thanks to a total investment of €11 million.

Our team is a fundamental part of these initiatives. By working at Repsol, you have the chance to actively collaborate in our projects in different ways – from training people by sharing your knowledge to doing volunteer work.

  • Projects that define us

Shot of a Repsol oil facility in the desert

Reganne Project

Our project in Algeria involves a major shift. It's our commitment to an energy transition towards a lower-carbon model.
Reganne Project Offshore oil rig

Norway platform

In 1987, the Yme oil field was discovered in the Egersun basin in Norway. After 30 years of working on this platform, at Repsol we decided to relocate it using a groundbreaking system that has marked a milestone in reservoir engineering.