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Frequently Asked Questions

Get on board and join our team

At Repsol, there are various ways you can get in touch with us to share your opinion and any questions or suggestions you may have.

Career Center

Do you want to be part of our international team? If you want to work in a professional environment based on values, responsibility, and efficiency, with proven pride of belonging, at Repsol we are pleased to welcome your application. And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to our selection department at who can answer any questions you may have about the company’s recruitment processes.

Job opportunities

Ask yourself what future path you want your professional career to take. At Repsol, we offer you a wide variety of conditions that can adapt to your needs. Developing in an international work environment, a professional career in your city, or the type of work you wish to do, these are some of the aspects for you to decide on. 
Once you participate in our selection process, we will assess and inform you regarding the nature and conditions of our proposal.

Contact us

Our headquarters are located in the center of Madrid near Atocha central train station and can be easily reached by public or private transportation. It is a work space accessible to everyone that seeks sustainability through our environmental commitment and which has the maximum distinction of the U.S. Green Building Council, with the LEED platinum certification. 
You can contact us as follows:
C/ Mendez Álvaro, 44
28045 Madrid, Spain
Tel. (+34) 917 538 100
(+34) 917 538 000
Fax: (+34) 902 303 145


There's an answer to all of your questions. If you can't seem to find it, please feel free to contact us.

How can I access the Repsol Career Center?

You can access our Career Center by following this link.

How can I send my résumé to Repsol?

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Repsol team or staying abreast of our internship and scholarship opportunities, visit our Career Center. Then, just click on the "Apply" button under Send your résumé, where you can create your profile by filling out all the enabled fields.
Remember that your résumé is your first letter of introduction. We encourage you to fill it out as completely as possible, attach your résumé, and then keep your details updated in our Careers Center.

Where can I see Repsol's job offers?

Go to our Career Center, where you can see our current job offers and apply for those that interest you.
Remember that in order to apply to any of the offers you must have previously created a profile in the Careers Center containing all the information from your résumé. It is important that you log in with your username and password. If not, the system will not allow you to apply for the selected job offers.

In which countries is Repsol present?

We are one of the top companies in the oil and gas sector. We market our products across 87 countries and operate in 37 of them, making us a world-renowned energy company. Get all the information about our global positioning here.

What internship and scholarship programs does Repsol offer?

You can see all the information about our internship and scholarship opportunities on the Students and graduates page.

How do I apply?

Once you have registered in our Career Center by clicking on the "Apply" button under Send your résumé, you'll be able to see and apply for our Scholarship and our Curricular Internship Programs. You will first have to create a profile including all the details from your résumé in the Career Center. Remember to log in with your username and password. If not, the system will not allow you to apply for the selected job offers.

If I applied for a job at Repsol, how long will I have to wait until I hear back about the status of my application?

When you submit your application for a job posting, you will get a confirmation email to let you know that we have received your information. We will then work on getting back to you in approximately three weeks.

Programs for new professionals:

What new-hire training programs does Repsol offer?

As part of our company's commitment to promote, attract, develop, and retain talent, Repsol offers three new-hire training programs for new professionals in collaboration with prestigious international universities:
  • New-hire training program in Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons 
  • New-hire training program in the Industrial Field
  • New-hire training program in Energy Management
Repsol's program for new professionals is an excellent employment opportunity for recent university graduates. The aim is to provide training that will allow students to learn about the company's different businesses, units, and areas to prepare them to form part of our team, and to teach them the values and cultures that are the pillars of our human team during their first years at Repsol. 

How does the new professionals selection process work?

New professionals are incorporated into the company through a rigorous selection process divided into the following phases:
1. Recruiting: telephone interview 
2. Online tests: psychotechnical test, English level test, and work behavior test
3. Face-to-face evaluation:
Group interview model where exercises selected by the company are administered to identify the new professionals' competencies and establish the candidates' profiles. It consists of: 
  • Welcome to the participants and presentation
  • Psychotechnical test and English test
  • Group exercise
  • Personal interview
4. Technical interview with a business manager

What requirements must be met by a new professional candidate?

In line with Repsol's commitment to young talent, the company seeks recent graduates whose profile meets the following requirements: 
  • Undergraduate degree completed in the last four years
  • Degree in line with the company's strategic objectives
  • Good academic record
  • High level of English
  • Behaviors in line with the group's values and principles
  • Open to geographical mobility

How can I apply for the program for new professionals?

Visit the Career Center, create your profile, and include your résumé. Once completed, your details will form part of our database, and we will contact you when there a selection process opens for new professionals that matches your profile.

Technical problems:
I forgot my login details

If you cannot remember your login details to access our Career Center, you can reset them by clicking on "Forgot password" in the Career Center's sign in window.
Follow the steps below:
1. Click on the "Sign in" button on the top right-hand corners and then select "Forgot password." When you click on "Forgot password," you will be asked you to enter your email address. Please, note that the email address you enter must match the email address you provided when you registered in our Career Center. Otherwise, the system will not recognize the email address, and it will not send you a notification. Afterwards, you will receive an email with your username and password and an active reset link that will expire in 24 hours.
2. When you click on the new link, the following message will appear on screen: Enter your username and password. This screen includes the new username and password and the verification code, and a message will appear on screen indicating that the username and password have been correctly reset. The application will then return to the homepage where you will be asked to enter your username. We recommend you copy and paste it from the email you received, and then type in the password you just entered. 

How can I change the email address I used to register for the Career Center?

In the event that your current valid email address does not match the one registered on the Careers Center, please send an email to to request your email address to be changed in our database.