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Where we work

Repsol Technology Center

The Repsol Technology Center, the heart of open innovation

We are a company that's prepared for the future, and we believe in innovation as an engine for growth. Our model of open technological innovation and collaboration is based on scientific partnerships with the sector’s leading companies. Backed by our network of collaborators, we can take on the top energy challenge: evolving towards a more efficient and competitive model with lower emissions.

Repsol boasts the largest private research center in Spain

At Repsol, we work hard to spearhead innovation. The best proof of this is in our Repsol Technology Center (RTC), the heart of Research and Development of our company and an international benchmark in the sector. 
The RTC opened its doors in 2002 after merging our four research centers that were located across different parts of Spain. At this cutting edge center, strategic projects are carried out that seek to meet the energy needs of the present and the future, as well as facilitate the evolution towards a more efficient and sustainable energy model. 
Our 56,000 mprivate research center is the biggest of its kind in Spain, with a staff of more than 200 scientists and researchers. Here, innovation is based on two core areas: applied technology to improve our business and technology aimed at predicting threats and opportunities through R&D.  
Repsol's best example of its open innovation model is the work that takes place at our technology center. This model is based on a collaborative work approach involving other research teams from universities as well as public and private centers. Thanks to this work, we have become one of the Spanish companies that applies for the most patents.

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Vista exterior de Campus Repsol de noche

Repsol Campus

Our Campus is Repsol's corporate symbol. It is regarded as an architectural benchmark worldwide that reflects our culture and the company's ongoing evolution.
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Energy and innovation

At Repsol, we conduct research through a network of scientists, universities, and companies from around the globe. Collaboration is the most intelligent way to progress in a global world.