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Where we work

Repsol Campus USA

Committed to having an outstanding presence in the energy capital of the world
Campus Repsol USA

Our Houston headquarters

Since the acquisition of Talisman Energy, a key objective has been taking advantage of our presence in Houston, a 100% strategic city. We have been working for many years at our iconic headquarters on the shores of Lake Woodlands and alongside Houston’s Center of Technology, where we have access to numerous qualified researchers and scientists. As an integrated global energy company, it’s important for us to have a presence in the energy capital of the world.

A yacht on Lake Woodlands

We are progressing in the “Invisible City,” as the Woodlands is known, due to the amount of trees that populate its streets and its lake. At Repsol, we are wholly committed to this natural environment and, for this reason, we work in harmony with the environment in order to preserve it and grow together side by side. 
This space quickly became a thriving business, trade and tourism center thanks to its short distance from Houston. Taking into account these advantageous conditions, we decided to invest in this natural paradise and open several offices. Due to the rapid growth in the United States, in 2014 our dream of working in our very own emblematic headquarters was fulfilled.
Our headquarters in Houston is surrounded by a lake and forests. At first glance, it may seem like a yacht at sea, with its eight glass stories and its terrace overlooking the lake, fruit of the creativity of architect Ziegler Cooper. This headquarters, with its open and transparent spaces, is an invitation for teamwork. Every inch of the space, from the furnishings to the videoconference rooms, breathes the Repsol brand.
The Woodlands belongs to the state of Texas, a region that has been the leading oil state since 1928, producing 37% of the country’s total crude oil. Texas also carries out 29% of the country’s total refining capacity, and it also leads in the production of natural gas, with 26% of total production. On the other hand, focusing specifically on the city of Houston, we find more than 5,000 companies in the energy sector, 500 of which are specialized in exploration and production.
We work in harmony with a natural environment that inspires our people