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Repsol operates all over the world to guarantee society's supply of energy with efficiency and sustainability in mind.


Brisbane, in the northeast of Australia, is one of the country's primary business centers. Repsol's main office is located in this city in Australia, a country in which the company has significantly bolstered its presence with the Talisman acquisition.
The Repsol team employees in this country are spread across a floor and a half of an office tower located in the financial district. This office manages the company's assets in Australia and Papua New Guinea.


Repsol's main office is located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, which is the capital of Santa Cruz, the region with the greatest economic activity in the country. 
More than 275 employees work on five floors of the ITC Tower building, with more than 4,000 square meters, in the area of Equipetrol Norte, an important business center that houses several companies in the sector.
In these offices, projects are coordinated in the following fields: Mamoré, Monteagudo, Cambeiti and, above all, Margarita-Huacaya, a project that has made it possible to multiply the country's gas production by eight since 2010. In addition, our company also has an office in La Paz, which serves as a liaison with the  Bolivian government's various agencies.


Repsol is also present in Brazil through the Repsol Sinopec joint venture. Its main office is located in Rio de Janeiro, and it also has a smaller office in São Paulo for its lubricants business. 
More than 128 employees work spread across two floors of the Centro Empresarial Praia de Botafogo, located in a neighborhood with the same name, where other large companies such as Coca-Cola, IBM, and PSA Peugeot Citröen also have their offices. 
The Botafogo neighborhood, in front of the bay with the same name and Pan de Azúcar, is one of the most important business areas in the country. At this office, we monitor the company's Upstream projects in the Santos, Campos, and Espíritu Santo basins.
Brazil is one of areas with the largest growth in hydrocarbon reserves in the world and one of the keys to growth in the Repsol Upstream area.


Calgary headquarters
Repsol's Canadian operations are headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, with two field offices in Chauvin and Edson, Alberta.
In our Canadian operations, more than 722 people coordinate the production, operations, marketing, supply chain, safety and environment, geology and geophysics, external communications, community involvement, drilling and completions, planning and performance, and surface land activities.
The acquisition of Talisman Energy in May, 2015, made Canada one of the main strategic countries for Repsol, with the incorporation of important unconventional assets to its portfolio such as liquids and gas assets in Greater Edson, conventional heavy oil in Chauvin, and the liquid-rich gas assets the Duvernay.


Around 430 people work at Repsol's main office in Ecuador, located in the city of Quito. The office, which opened in 2014, is located in the RFS Business Center, in the La Floresta sector, a central banking and commercial area of the capital. The employees are spread across between the fifth and ninth floors, covering a total surface area of 3,000 square meters. They mostly belong to corporate areas that provide support to the exploration and production business in its activities. In Ecuador, Repsol holds mineral rights to two developing blocks: 16 and 67.

United States

Sede Houston

Repsol's activity in the United States is managed by our corporate offices in Houston and Pittsburgh, and our Marcellus Shale field office in Horseheads, New York, with almost 560 employees.

Our teams in the United States coordinate multiple disciplines and business areas that support our operations in Marcellus Shale, Eagle Ford Shale, Midcontinent, Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico. The company also manages marketing and trading activity at the Houston office.

The United States is a key area in Repsol's Strategic Plan which focuses on our Upstream business to build our resilience and create value. In 2015, Repsol significantly expanded its presence in the United States with the acquisition of Talisman Energy.


Repsol's main office in Italy is in the city of Milan, in the “Caldera Business Park” business complex, located in the southwest of the city, close to San Siro Stadium, where other multinational companies such as Carrefour and SGS also operate. The office, which covers a surface area of 1,200 square meters, was opened in August 2015 and houses 41 employees who make up the commercial, technical, and economic administration teams, as well as the Chemicals branch office. 
In Italy, Repsol sells fuels and lubricants at 306 service stations and, in addition to large customers, we also sell to resellers and agents through direct sales. 


Our office is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, in Menara Citibank, a 50-story tower in the financial district where 487 Repsol employees work on several floors covering a surface area of over 13,000 square meters.
Repsol has a diverse team, formed by local and expat employees alike, who are dedicated to all facets of Upstream such as exploration, drilling, operations, supply, and business development.
Malaysia is one of the countries where Repsol has bolstered its presence after the Talisman acquisition, and where we own mineral rights to seven exploration and production blocks. In addition, we manufacture and distribute lubricants in Malaysia, Singapore, and China through the Malaysian company UMW.


Norway headquarters
More than 248 people work at our office in Norway, a country where Repsol has been operating since 2009 and where its presence has been reinforced after the Talisman acquisition.
Our team's workspace consists of three stories and over 8,000 square meters in an office building located in Stavanger in the country's southwest, considered the Norwegian capital of oil and gas and where the majority of companies operating in the area have their headquarters.
Norway is a strategic area for Repsol due to its hydrocarbon potential.


More than 2,991 people work at Repsol's offices in Lima, spread across various floors of towers 4, 5, 6, and 10 of the Camino Real business center, located in the district of San Isidro where various businesses and services can be found.
At these offices, the Repsol team coordinates the company's activities in Peru: oil refining in La Pampilla, marketing of fuel at 560 service stations, and exploration and production in the Amazon rainforest. 


Our offices are in the financial district of Lisbon, near Plaza de España. At these offices, more than 1,293 people work in corporate areas and the commercial areas of marketing, LPG, and lubricants. Following the purchase of Shell's Downstream businesses, Repsol moved to these offices in 2005 which cover a surface area of 4,000 square meters.
In Portugal, we undertake activities in the fields of exploration, marketing, LPG, emerging businesses, and the production of petrochemicals in the Sines plant. 
We are also present in all districts of the country through 465 service stations, where we serve up to one million customers each week.


To manage our exploration and production assets in Russia, Repsol has its own office in Moscow with a staff of 59 people. The office is on the fourth floor of an office building on Novinsky Boulevard, in the center of the capital. 
Repsol operates in Russia through a joint venture called AROG.


Singapore is home to Repsol's main regional office in Southeast Asia. In this country, we coordinate all of the company's activities in this region which became a strategic one after the Talisman acquisition. 
The office is located in one of the towers of the Marina Bay Financial Center in the central financial district of Singapore, where it spans over an area of 900 square meters. The Repsol team consists of more than 45 people who work in exploration and production, trading, and lubricants and specialized products.
Our activity in this country focuses on the lubricants business, thanks to our manufacturing and distribution agreement with the Malaysian group UMW.


The Repsol offices in Venezuela are located in the town of Lechería, in the western region of the state of Anzoátegui. There, a seven-story building located in the Norma Business Center has been entirely adapted to the corporate architectural style, featuring an open space designed to facilitate communication and teamwork. These offices house over 153 employees from corporate areas and the Exploration and Production business. Overall, the administrative offices cover a surface area of nearly 3,000 square meters. 
Repsol has been operating in Venezuela since the 1990s.

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