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La Pampilla

Refinería Perú La Pampilla

Peru’s most important refinery: La Pampilla

La Pampilla is the most important and cutting-edge refinery in Peru, capable of refining 117,000 barrels of oil a day, which represents more than half of the entire country’s total capacity. Operations began more than 40 years ago at the complex located in Ventanilla, in the Callao province.

After it was incorporated into the Repsol Group in 1996, an intensive investment program was launched which made it possible to raise the technological level of the processes. Our investments were mainly focused on optimizing processes, improving production capacity, and creating new units to guarantee safer and more environmentally-friendly processes. .

La Pampilla refinery began producing low-sulfur diesel in 2016, in compliance with Law 28694 and the commitments taken up by Peruvian refineries in 2012. As a result, La Pampilla stands at the forefront of Peru’s refineries thanks to its advanced environmentally-friendly facilities. Our latest project to ensure that our fuels comply with the new regulations requires an investment of more than 740 million dollars.

The last few years have seen several new constructions on site including a hydrocarbon analysis lab, a cogeneration plant to supply electrical energy, and a vacuum plant. It is these developments that have made La Pampilla the most important and cutting-edge refinery in the country.

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Este negocio engloba diversas actividades relacionadas con la transformación de hidrocarburos y su posterior venta.
Complejo industrial iluminado

Industrial complexes in Spain

We boast five refineries across Spain that are interconnected and function like a single industrial complex.