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Industrial complexes in Spain

Centro de Tecnología Repsol en Río de Janeiro

Industrial complexes in Spain

One of the most efficient refining systems in Europe
Our commitment to an efficient, integrated refining system has led us to operate five interconnected refineries that function like a single industrial complex. Our substantial investments in recent years are reflected in the high conversion level that allows us to produce a greater quantity of products with added value from the same crude oil. This refining system, an international benchmark that has made us leaders in Europe, allows us to process even the heaviest crude oils and to specialize in high quality, differentiated fuels.

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Petronor, at the forefront of Europe

Petronor industrial complex

Our refinery, located in Múskiz, Vizcaya, is at the forefront of Europe's industrial complexes boasting the highest conversion capacity. A new Coker Unit was built at the start of the decade, requiring a €1 billion investment. This has allowed us to raise the processing capacity to 12 million tons of crude oil per year. 

It also boasts a High Efficiency Cogeneration Unit, allowing us to reduce CO2 emissions and maintain our high standards of respect for the environment and the people around us. 

By increasing capacity at the complex, we have maximized production of middle distillates and heavy crude processing, all the while increasing our energy efficiency, safety, and respect for the environment. Petronor has a refining capacity of 220,000 barrels/day and is involved in extraction, refining, and LPG.

Cartagena, the largest industrial investment in Spain

Cartagena industrial complex

The investment of 3.1 billion euros and the participation of more than 20,000 people have elevated the Cartagena refinery to become one of the largest industrial projects in the history of Spain. With over 50 years of history, after the five-year transformation period, the Cartagena industrial facility is future-oriented, and is one of Europe’s most modern and efficient facilities in terms of energy and the environment. 

With a refining capacity of 220,000 barrels per day, we perform extraction, refining, and LPG activities through our 30 productive-phase plants. We have over 60 processing units and teams. 

Our facilities reflect the world’s latest and most advanced refining technologies for operations, control and detection activities. All of this makes us a leading refinery for sustainability, safety and product quality.

A Coruña, a history spanning 50 years

A Coruña industrial complex

Our refinery is the engine driving the economy in this ever since it was brought into operation in 1964, with a staff of around 1,000 professionals including our own as well as additional contracted employees.  

Our refining capacity at the A Coruña facility is estimated at 120,000 barrels of oil per day. The facility hosts extraction, refining and LPG activities. Our commitment to safety, the environment, energy management, quality and society are the pillars on which we base our work each day.

In addition to the production area, the complex also has various supporting facilities for cogeneration, storage, a waste water treatment plant, and a maritime terminal.

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At the Puertollano facility, we produce a full line of petroleum derivatives

Puertollano Industrial Complex

The technical complexity of the Puertollano industrial facility makes it one of Spain’s most comprehensive ones. It’s the only facility that produces a full line of petroleum derivatives, and its production units are among Spain’s most advanced.  

With an area of 430 hectares, we are able to produce 7.5 million tons per year. Improving year after year, the facilities have undergone constant renovation, and currently, our five major production areas are refining, chemicals, lubricants, asphalts, and LPG. 

The health and safety of the employees, contractors, and the town's people, as well as our commitment to protect the environment are absolute priorities at the Puertollano Industrial Complex, making it a fundamental part of our commitment to society. It’s a road map with innovation as the improvement process we need to continue advancing.

Tarragona: Maximizing performance

Tarragona Industrial Complex

Repsol's Tarragona Complex consists of a number of facilities that produce a wide range of petroleum products. It hosts a staff of over 1,500 professionals, and spans more than 500 hectares (the same as the surface area of Tarragona's downtown). Many products are produced at these facilities and are later used by millions of people every day.

Butane and propane gas used to heat homes, fuels that power millions of vehicles, kerosene used un airplanes, the base for creating chemical products and asphalts, etc. After the improvements made in recent years, refining capacity in Tarragona stands at 186,000 barrels of oil per day. Our commitment to protecting the environment can be seen in our efforts to reduce the impact we have on our surroundings. 

We are aware of the needs of the people who live around us, which is why we have become part of society and we collaborate with cultural, social, educational, and sports initiatives in Tarragona and surrounding areas.

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