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Una pareja viaja en una moto Scutum

What is battery sharing?

A battery rental service that allows you to swap an electric motorcycle's battery pack that's been used up for one that's fully charged and ready to go.
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    Types of electric motorcycles

    Available for electric motorcycles and scooters that have a quick battery swapping system.
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    Battery range

    Up to 75 mi (120 km), depending on the type of motorcycle or scooter.
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    Swapping stations

    Batteries are constantly being charged at the swapping stations.
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    Reduce costs

    Cut costs involved in owning a motorcycle by renting batteries.
A scooter next to a Repsol battery swapping station

How does it work?

The battery swapping service for electric scooters is more convenient and easier than you think. Just follow these steps:

  • Use the app to reserve your battery.
  • A code will be provided to you directly on your phone.
  • Use the code to unlock the station where you'll be picking up the fully charged battery.
  • Swap your battery pack for a fully charged one, and be on your way!

It's that easy!

Electric motorcycle symbol painted on the ground

Sustainable growth

Our commitment to eco-friendly light-duty vehicles that make it possible to move around and in between cities is a growing alternative.

As data from 2019 shows, electric motorcycle and scooter sales were up by 27% in Spain, according to the Spanish National Association of Companies in the Two-Wheeler Industry.

Repsol's goal is to be a global energy company that, based on innovation, efficiency, and respect, works sustainably to promote progress in society.


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