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This business encompasses a range of diverse activities concerned with the transformation and sale of hydrocarbons: supplying and trading crude oils and products, oil refining, marketing oil products, as well as producing and marketing petrochemical products.

A strategy that maximizes performance

The main objectives of the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan for this business are to further integrate the Marketing and Refining businesses and to reduce our energy costs and CO2 emissions through an efficiency program. We want to continue creating high-quality, differentiated products, and forming partnerships with global leaders is among the measures we are taking to achieve this. The ultimate objective is to continue maximizing the business's performance.
  • Increase in earnings from Chemicals
    In 2016, earnings in the Chemicals business grew by 30%.
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    Increase in sales
    Oil product sales increased to 48.048 billion tons.
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    Increase in AutoGas sales
    In 2016, AutoGas sales in Spain grew by 6%.
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    International distribution
    At Repsol, our petrochemical products and lubricants are marketed across 87 countries.


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Over the past few years, we have invested more than four billion euros in our refineries, which has enabled us to carve out a space for ourselves among Europe's most integrated companies in terms of efficiency and value creation.

In 2015, the specialized information agency Platts presented Repsol with the Industry Leadership Award in Downstream in recognition of the quality, excellence, and efficiency of our industrial assets, our integrated management system, and the reduction in emissions achieved in recent years.

Learn about one of the most efficient refineries in Europe.

Marketing fuels, lubricants, and oil by-products

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Repsol supplies the market with a wide range of differentiated, high-quality products. We sell fuels, diesels, and lubricants through our commercial distributor and almost 4,700 service stations that we have located throughout Spain, Portugal, Peru, and Italy. We also make use of other channels for the sale of other derived products such as asphalts, sulfurs, oils, paraffins, and aviation fuels.
The two qualities that are common to all our products are innovation and energy efficiency. For instance, Neotech, a range of the latest-generation fuels, was designed at the Repsol Technology Center to improve engine performance, giving our customers a more enjoyable driving experience while minimizing fuel consumption.
Our efforts are not focused solely on launching new, more efficient products, as we also strive to bring our customers competitive advantages. The Repsol Más loyalty program is an example of these efforts as it gives you the chance to enjoy a number of offers and advantages simply for being our customer.

LPG and AutoGas

Gas natural

We are one of the main retail distribution companies of liquefied petroleum gas, making us market leaders in Spain with a significant share of the Portuguese market as well. We distribute LPG in bulk and in canisters, supplying more than five million customers throughout Spain.

We currently have over 500 supply points in Spain, the majority of which are located at our service stations. Repsol has been strongly committed to using AutoGas as a way of achieving sustainable transportation in the future, which led to a 6% increase in sales across Spain in 2016.


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In this business, we manufacture and market a wide variety of products, ranging from base petrochemicals to by-products in more than 95 countries.

Our Puertollano and Tarragona petrochemical facilities are located in Spain, while Sines is in Portugal. For over a decade, we have had a joint venture with the Mexican KUO Group, a global leader in the synthetic rubber market. The joint venture is called Dynasol and utilizes plants in Spain, Mexico, and China. The global nature of our work in Chemicals, together with our commitment to continuous innovation and our policy of forging alliances with the world’s best companies, has enabled us to reach gross petrochemical production capacities of almost 5,000 kilotons.

Marine terminals

Repsol operates 12 marine terminals and holds shares in others operated by Canaport and Dynasol. Every terminal meets the highest safety standards to provide services that ensure our operations are as reliable as they need to be. See detailed information about our terminals, both operated and non-operated.

Customer satisfaction

Encuesta satisfacción cliente

We are dedicated to maximizing customer satisfaction and service excellence. At Repsol, our aim is to be fully aware of our customers’ needs. Therefore, we conduct studies that enable us to determine their level of satisfaction and that way detect situations that need be improved upon.

We have a widely diverse client base, ranging from large companies, organizations, and institutions, to small and medium size companies and individual customers. We produce and market a wide range of products and services for various purposes and industries such as road surfacing, the home, agriculture, marine, and aviation. These products include fuels, lubricants and specialized products, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), chemical products, and many others.

Main figures for 2016

In 2016, Repsol maintained European leadership in terms of margins in the industrial and commercial businesses, thanks to the good quality of its assets and operational improvements made in recent years.

The strategy of this buiness is mainly based on the following: 

  • High level of integration of Refining, Chemicals, and Marketing activities
  • Improved asset efficiency and optimization 
  • Customer focus and partnerships with leading companies
  • Internationalization strategy in Chemicals and Lubricants
  • Reduction of energy costs and CO2 emissions

MAIN FIGURES 2015 2016
Refining capacity (kbbl/d) 998 1,013
Conversion index (%) 59 59
Processed crude oil (millon tons) 43.3 43.2
Refining margin indicator ($/Bbl) - -
Spain 8,5 6.3
Peru 7.0 3.1
Number of service stations 4,716 4,715
Oil product sales (kt) 47,605 48,048
Petrochemical product sales (kt) 2,822 2,892
LPG sales (kt) 2,260 1,747
LNG sold in North America (Tbtu) 299 414

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This business encompasses our oil and gas exploration and production operations worldwide.
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Emerging energies

Our commitment to technological innovation enables us to meet the current and future energy demand in a sustainable, efficient, and safe way.