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Close up of a work wearing safety goggles and a helmet in a refinery
  • Our capacity for innovation has made us a forerunner in the sector

    Our Downstream business is where we process, transform, and market the energy products and solutions that society needs.
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Terminales marítimas
Electricity and gas
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Trading in the oil industry takes place at the international level. It is developed on the basis of three elements: arbitration, information, and risk. The market is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its scope is international, and operations happen in real time.

Our trading activity is carried out globally through various offices established in the most relevant strategic European, American, and Asian markets.

Terminales marítimas. Vista aérea de una terminal marítima

Terminales marítimas

Operamos en más de una decena de terminales marítimas situadas en España, Portugal y Perú. Todas las terminales cumplen los altos estándares de seguridad para ofrecer servicios que garantizan la confianza de nuestras operaciones.
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With one of the highest refining margins in Europe, our industrial facilities are a point of reference in the sector. They are where we transform hydrocarbons from across the planet into a wide variety of products that we use in our day-to-day lives.
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We create products from basic petrochemicals and their derivatives. Our commitment to innovation and technology in our main plants in Spain, Portugal, and Mexico (in alliance with Mexican group KUO) allows us to continue growing and increasing the number of countries in which we are present. We have synthetic rubber and special chemical products plants in Spain, Mexico, and China.

We have managed to set ourselves apart, consolidating the production of new product ranges. These include Repsol Healthcare, with products intended for pharmaceutical use, and the polyethylene range Repsol Resistex.

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In this part of the business, we produce and distribute bottled and bulk liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and Autogas.

With four million clients, we are the leading retail distributor in Spain and the third in Portugal. At Repsol, we are invested in gas with initiatives such as Autogas: the most widely used alternative motor fuel in the world.

Repsol service station at night


Diesels, gasoline, and natural gas are some of the products that we sell all over the world. We have almost 4,700 service stations in Spain, Portugal, Peru, and Italy. Our expansion in Mexico is opening the doors to a new market. In addition, we have other channels for the sale of derivatives, such as asphalts, coke, oils, paraffins, and aviation fuels.

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Everything we learn in world-class competitions is applied to our products to design lubricants that protect and prolong the life of your engine.

We are present through this business in over 90 countries, and its sales have grown by 17% in Spain alone.

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Electricity and gas

Our hydroelectric plants have a nameplate capacity of 700 MW, two combined gas cycle plants with a combined capacity of 1,650 MW, a portfolio of over 750,000 customers, and ambitious plans for growth that will let us offer fully certified low-emissions gas and electricity to millions of people, making us an important player in the Spanish electricity market.

Striving to continue gaining differentiation and a competitive edge

We want to anticipate society's new needs by offering different responses and focusing on seeking new opportunities worldwide.
María Victoria Zingoni, Executive Managing Director of Commercial Business and Chemicals

"In an increasingly demanding global environment, our Downstream business strives to continue gaining differentiation and a competitive edge. We want to anticipate society's new needs by offering different solutions and focusing on seeking new opportunities worldwide."

María Victoria Zingoni

(Executive Managing Director of Commercial Business and Chemicals)

Keys to strong performance

The quality of our industrial assets, the competitive advantages of our integrated model, and the opening of new companies and markets make this a forward-looking business.
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    2,952 MW

    nameplate capacity, fifth-most on the Spanish market
  • Oil barrel icon

    1 million+

    barrels refined/day and 10th company worldwide in refining capacity
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    service stations in Spain, Portugal, Peru, Italy, and Mexico
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    countries where we distribute lubricants and petrochemical products
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We are who we are due to our flexible and competitive team that's united by a shared vision and values.
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A sustainable approach

Sustainability is one of the keys to how we approach our business in the short and long term. We strive to meet society's growing energy demand without jeopardizing those of future generations.