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At Repsol, we work to keep inventing the future
  • A forward-looking vision

    “At Repsol, we work towards a common goal: to be a global business aimed at ensuring people's well-being and that always stays one step ahead in building a better future through the development of smart energy solutions. With hard work, talent, and enthusiasm, we move forward to offer better energy solutions to society and the planet."

Our values are based on two fundamental attitudes:

  • Respect
    Building relationships of trust with an open mind to diversity
  • Looking ahead
    Looking ahead
    Acting with a global vision and our minds set on the future
  • The individual at the core of our culture

    At Repsol, every single one of our decisions and actions is based on the five values that govern our working approach and the company's culture.


We look after people's well-being, as well as the environment we work in. Having integrity translates to maintaining a flawless behavior by acting ethically and honestly in everything we do.


We work towards achieving our goals while keeping in mind the impact our decisions and actions have on people, our work environment, and the planet.


We are committed to flexibility as it fosters our ability to adapt to any circumstances and to welcome others' opinions with an open mind. Active listening allows us to successfully take on our challenges in a balanced, sustainable way.


We work under the maxim that all of our actions should be disclosed with clarity and information should be accessible and verifiable. We consider information another shared asset through which our team creates value.


The key to our competitiveness and evolution lies in our ability to create ideas and put them into practice in a collaborative environment characterized by generosity and continuous, collective learning.

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Our brand

It reflects our efficient, modern, responsible, and transparent management style which characterizes our company. Moreover, it conveys our values and builds trust.
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What we do

Repsol is one of the top companies in the oil and gas sector. We are present in every link of the value chain: exploration and production, transformation, development, and marketing of efficient, sustainable, and competitive energy for millions of people.