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  • A forward-looking vision

    To be a global energy company, creating value in a sustainable manner through innovation, efficiency, and respect for the progress of society.

A guide for our actions and decisions

Josu Jon Imaz, Repsol CEO

"Our action principles guide the way we work and form part of our culture."

Josu Jon Imaz
(Repsol CEO)
To become the company we envision, we defined four guiding principles and five behaviors that will shape our culture:

Repsol employee wearing a helmet

Value creation

We determine what is important by placing special value on the fact that we are all Repsol.
A smiling Repsol employee wearing a safety helmet mounted headset


We create an inclusive and trust-based work environment.
Two Repsol workers looking at a refinery in the background


We make the best use of our resources.
Two Repsol workers wearing a safety helmet and goggles looking up


We promptly respond to opportunities and threats.
  • Our relationships are based on inspirational leadership behaviors, collaborating with an entrepreneurial spirit, with responsibility and driven by results
People crossing a skywalk at the Repsol Campus

Ethics and transparency

We act responsibly and go above and beyond our commitments according to our values.
A glass façade of a building with the Repsol logo

Our brand

It reflects the efficient, responsible, and transparent management style that characterizes our company.