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A flexible and committed team

One of our main competitive advantages lies in the people who work at our company. Our employer-employee relationship is based on mutual trust and respect, which in turn becomes the key to achieving excellent performance and results.

As of December 31st, 2017, Repsol comprised over 25,000 employees of its own. Our employees work across 37 countries and represent more than 84 nationalities. Moreover, nearly 1,800 of them work away from their home country, which once again underscores the importance of developing our activity in a diverse and multicultural environment.

At Repsol, we are convinced that boasting dedicated and committed professionals has a positive impact on our results. Therefore, our people management focuses on attracting, retaining, committing, and recognizing our employees, while offering them professional development opportunities, merit-based compensation, equal opportunities, work-life balance measures, among others.

Through professional development, employees take part in various tasks, projects, and environments, which enable them to acquire and develop the knowledge they need to help the company fulfil its objectives. To this end, Repsol offers clear professional objectives, as well as challenging projects and activities, at the same time that employees commit to their own development by exhibiting proactivity, interest, and effort.

Throughout their careers, employees have access to an array of current and complete training options. Overall, the staff at Repsol dedicates around one million hours to training every year, which is equal to an average of over 40 hours per individual.

Repsol is known as a company that fosters new ways of working that ensure a positive work-life balance. Employees have flexible working arrangements giving them the possibility to adapt their work day to their own personal needs, whenever their work duties allow it. For that matter, over 2,000 people around the world take advantage of our teleworking program, making it one of the most popular programs among our employees.

Moreover, Repsol features an integration plan for disabled people, which covers all areas of the organization. As of December 31st, 2017, there were 576 disabled employees at our company, representing 2.43% of our total workforce.

As of December 31st, 2017, Repsol's employee distribution by country is as follows:

Country Number of employees
Angola 11
Algeria 101
Aruba 1
Australia 1
Belgium 1
Bolivia 263
Brazil 125
Canada 874
Colombia 55
Ecuador 426
France 17
Gabon 6
Germany 4
Indonesia 94
Iraq 8
Italy 37
Libya 57
Luxembourg 6
Malaysia 708
Morocco 1
Norway 216
The Netherlands 13
Papua New Guinea 2
Peru 2,774
Portugal 1,296
Romania 2
Russia 62
Singapore 42
Spain 17,007
Switzerland 3
Trinidad and Tobago 11
UK 11
USA 601
Venezuela 199
Vietnam 124
Overall Total 25,085

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