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Our brand

Our brand identity

Our brand

Our values allow us to grow as a strong and relevant brand

Our brand identity gives us relevance in today's complex communication environment and ensures our company's ongoing evolution.

Conveying our essence through innovative design

Our brand is based on an efficient, modern, responsible, and transparent management style, which is reflected in its design and provides us with Meaningful Energy (emotional, rational, and purposeful). 
Meaningful Energy draws together all that's embedded in Repsol's DNA. It's the essence of what Repsol is and desires to become. It conveys what it does, and how it gets it done by relying on intelligence, leadership spirit, and above all, the sum of all the talent that lies within its employess. These are the people who day after day work with perseverance in mind and harness their ingenuity to achieve a common goal that motivates each one of us alike: to bring society and the planet the best energy solutions.
We have devised a unique visual identity system to give Repsol its own graphic and image style. Our visual identity reflects the company’s attitude, brilliance, intensity, and transparency, as well as its tone of voice and creative concept. This represents an excellent way in which talent is applied at Repsol.
Furthermore, our work philosophy is based on Repsol's values, which are present in our brand and how we present it to society.  

“A visual aspect based on Repsol's most universal characteristics”

Repsol Universe
At Repsol, we've come to identify ourselves with a color palette, a font style, and a visual perspective that goes beyond our logo that represents the company's values. These elements make us universal, thanks to consistent brand communication.
Repsol's main colors are red, blue, and orange, complemented by white. These colors, with a multi-layered effect, aim to communicate the diversity of an intuitive, approachable company showcasing a rich and flexible visual language.
Our image is also characterized by three set photographic points of view that enable us to convey different concepts: 
  • Atmospheric: Repsol is always looking ahead to provide solutions to ensure people's well-being. 
  • Lifestyle: putting Repsol's most human and approachable side forward, a company that offers solutions adapted to the very same people who make it up. 
  • Detailed: Repsol operates globally, and its accomplishments are experienced and appreciated by people in their day-to-day lives.
Moreover, we should also highlight the 12-degree angle that is present across all of our communication efforts, which is meant to give off a sense of forward motion and anticipation.
Finally, we designed a unique font style that projects a cutting-edge, high-tech, yet approachable image that reflects the personality of the Repsol brand.

Recognition for our exellence in branding

A leading brand
A number of international awards recognize Repsol as one of the top companies that best manages its brand, continuing to build trust, respect, and admiration among all our stakeholders. 
In 2011, 2013, and 2015, Repsol was named among the best out of more than 1,000 companies in Spain by the Superbrands awards, which recognize excellence in the field of branding in over 80 countries around the world.
According to Interbrand rankings, we're a leading company, and one of the 10 most valued brands in Spain. Commitments to internationalization, innovation, new technologies, and the adaptation to new consumption patterns are the main qualities of the brands at the top of this ranking. 
In addition, the exterior building identification signage project of the Repsol Campus won a Red Dot design award for the way our brand was applied to the façade of our corporate headquarters, giving international recognition to our brand's originality and innovation.

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Shot of the Repsol Campus courtyard at night

Repsol Campus

Our Campus is Repsol's corporate symbol. It is regarded as an architectural benchmark worldwide that reflects our culture and the company's ongoing evolution.
Una investigadora en el CTR manipula una máquina

Repsol Technology Lab

We work hard to spearhead innovation. The best proof of this is in our technology lab, considered the heart of R&D at our company.