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We’re going above and beyond to achieve a sustainable energy future

We take great pride in our role of helping supply the world’s energy – an essential building block of progress. At the same time, we put great emphasis on managing the planet’s energy resources in a sustainable manner, so as to maximize the positive impacts of our activities and prevent, mitigate or minimize any potential negative impacts.


Safety and Environment

We are working to minimize our environmental footprint and meet the environmental standards in all areas of the company.


Our guidelines provide employees with a framework for creating safe work environments by promoting respect for human rights and advancing best practices.


We are committed to making a positive impact in the communities near our offices and operations.

Business Ethics

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is a statement of the principles to which we are committed and upholds across its operations worldwide.

Good Neighbor Program

Being a responsible partner in the community and facilitating open and honest communication is one of our top priorities.

Indigenous Award Application

Available to Alberta First Nations and Métis who are enrolled in or have applied to a technical school, college or university in any program.


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