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Repsol North America

Alaska Well Tests Yield Promising Results

Two positive well tests in Alaska's North Slope confirmed earlier indications of significant development potential in the area.

A new era

We have just completed the acquisition of Talisman Energy, putting us among the world’s largest publically traded energy groups.

Repsol Opens New U.S. Headquarters in Houston

Repsol has opened its new state-of-the-art office building in Houston, which serves as the Company’s headquarters in the U.S.

Exploration & Production

Repsol has operations in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, Oklahoma, Kansas and offshore Canada.

Marketing & Trading

We offer a wide range of natural gas and crude oil products marketing and trading in North America.

Innovation and Technology

At Repsol, innovation is a key element in our strategy to build a more sustainable energy model. 


Repsol provides the chance to work for a multinational company on challenging global energy projects. 

The new organizational chart

Learn more about Repsol’s acquisition of Talisman Energy, which closed on May 8.