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Repsol North America

Repsol buys the Canadian company Talisman Energy

Repsol has reached an agreement with Talisman Energy to acquire 100% of the Canadian company's shares for 10.4 billion euros.

A transforming operation

The acquisition of Talisman will make the company one of the most important in the energy sector among the 15 most important private oil companies in the world and strengthen its position as an integrated energy company with a solid and competitive project.

Repsol Campus

Upstream boost

The operation will provide an important platform for growth thanks to the integration of top-quality production assets and areas of high exploration potential in Canada, the United States and Southeast Asia, among others, which will increase production by 76% and the volume of proven reserves by 5%.

Greater presence in OECD countries

The company will increase its presence in countries with high geopolitical stability. North America will assume almost 50% of the capital employed in its hydrocarbon exploration and production activity, while Latin America will assume 22%.

Complementary companies

Talisman has been considered as the best option because of the complementarity of its assets and the talent of its employees. Its integration with a global energy company and with one of great financial strength like Repsol, will strengthen its activity and growth and provide value to the Canadian economy.

Exploration & Production

Repsol has operations in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, Oklahoma, Kansas and offshore Canada.

Marketing & Trading

We offer a wide range of natural gas and crude oil products marketing and trading in North America.

Innovation and Technology

At Repsol, innovation is a key element in our strategy to build a more sustainable energy model. 


Repsol provides the chance to work for a multinational company on challenging global energy projects. 

Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment to being a socially responsible company is at the core of everything we do.