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New 700cc Honda engine with high fuel efficiency


The Japanese company springs a surprise with a new engine unit that boasts a powerful torque level at low and medium revs and an efficiency that pushes it into the vanguard regarding the environmental aspects. It also has a second generation Dual Clutch Transmission.

This is a liquid-cooled 700cc 4 stroke unit with its two cylinders in-line, but whose consumption is 40% lower than on other sports models in the same category.

The engine was developed with the following criteria and to comply with the following requirements:

• Easy to use, excellent torque at the most-commonly used levels, and capable of providing pleasurable as well as exciting sensations when ridden as a sports bike.
• First class environmental credentials. Highly fuel efficient.
• Compact and light design. Means more functional space.

Manual and automatic
Honda will put two versions on the market. One a manual, with a 6 speed gearbox and the other an automatic with the second generation DCT. The first model to mount the new engine unit will be the Integra.

The Japanese company is planning to exhibit two new models with this very engine unit at the forthcoming edition of EICMA.


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